14 Dorkiest Dogs That Are Actually Adorable

14 Dorkiest Dogs That Are Actually Adorable

  • By Saif
  • September 3, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Oh, you’re here again!

Since you have managed to bump your way into this article, it’s evident that either you’re a dog lover or you have a doggo as a pet. Dogs are adorable creatures, indeed. But with that, they’re also very funny. We bet that your dog makes you laugh every day and surely gets himself into trouble just to make you smile. Isn’t it? Of course, they do everything in their power to make you laugh. They’re just THAT silly. And they love to show off their silliness. So, if you have a dog, your life is almost perfect!

It’s not difficult for dogs to act dorky around the house. It just naturally occurs to them that, “it has been exactly 1 minute since my last silly act and therefore I should do it in order to keep my hooman entertained’. And just like that, it happens. Sometimes, it involves the dog casually walking and tripping over itself and other times, it’s just your dog snoring on the couch. Or have you seen a dog trying to catch its own shadow? It’s a real treat to watch! We didn’t know dogs could be so dorky to have a whole breed named on it. Coincidence? We think not!

We guess you’re already here for some fun. Let’s not keep you waiting any more. Scroll below to see some of the best and dorkiest dog moments that were (luckily) caught on camera.

1. Not a photobomb…think of it as an enhancement!

via  Reddit

“I shall make this picture more beautiful.”

2. When you panic, thinking your family might’ve left you home alone.

But you’re SO dumb to check downstairs.

3. Why do dogs run in circles?

via Imgur

Because it’s too hard to run in squares. Simple.

4. When your life is falling apart…

But you’re used to it.

5. Not sure what to say about this…

via Imgur

Well, we can’t blame the little doggo. Blame the shadow!

6. The faces you make when your mom sends you and your sibling in other rooms so you could stop fighting…

Little does she know, the war is still on.

7. Someone needs a friend.

via Tumblr

“Why the hell is that guy trying to copy me?”

Are you still watching? Haha, sounded like Netflix there. But that is a serious question. These dogs are so far, the cutest and the silliest ones we’ve seen. Too much dork in a dog..Unbelievable!  Go ahead. Keep scrolling, you don’t wanna miss the next ones.

8. Just a homecoming gift…

via Imgur

Wait, tell us how he got it in here again?

9. Would you rather stop being good or give up your silliness? Dog: ‘NO’

A gooood silllyyy boy!

10. ‘Play with me, you small bald puppy’

via Reddit

Ohhhh. This will be fun to watch.

11. Some dogs are just too precious for this world…

via Reddit

Protect them at all costs!

12. ‘I came in like a wreeeeecking ball..’

‘All I wanted was to break your walls’… We think it did!

13. Would the dog like to explain what’s up?

We mean…What the actual fluff?

14. ‘Everybody, run for your life’ Dog: ‘Sure, let’s play’

We could feel our hearts stop.

Now, what do we do about this!! This is too much to handle. It’s like living with a dog is 24/7 entertainment, that too for free! Just like they’ve all got separate personalities, they’ve all got separate ways to make us laugh. We cannot begin to imagine what would life be if they could talk. Is this possible? Somebody, please make it possible!!! Because with that sense of humour, I’d love to hear them talk. Makes sense? To us, it does. Anyways, we hope you had as much fun. Let us know in the comments below & share your silly dog moments with us. We’d love to see them.

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