Dogs With Their Adorable Mini Versions (50 Pics)

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  • August 18, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

Who doesn’t love small baby animals!?

Anything cute that easily fits in the palm of our hand makes us go ‘aww’ at least once. Then there are these puppies that we love so much. We’re sure of the fact that they are loved by their parents but what they don’t know is that they are loved by so many people around the internet too.

These mini versions, when paired with their adult versions look exactly the same. And that is what gets us all lovey-dovey. Seeing their little identical ones trying to mimic and copy what their parents do is beyond words. So pure and priceless.

With dogs being so cute, it is likely that their puppies are even cuter and are guaranteed to steal your hearts with just one look. So go ahead, and check out the most adorable mini versions of dogs there could ever be. Happy scrolling!

1. Like father, like son.

via pluckee

Somebody’s eager to be in the picture too.

2. A family of plushies…

via PeterFoldberg

That little one is ready to steal hearts.

3. ‘I made those.’

via gabbitronn

Not one, but five of the same kind…C U T E.

4. Those puppy eyes…

via ImFiction

Wonder where he got them from.

5. The pupper’s definitely mad about something…

via consonantalo

or they’re just the fancy eyebrows.

6. ‘Oh sweet child of mine’

via baggybulldogs

A pup trying to wake his mom…absolutely heartwarming.

7. A lovely moment captured!

Can’t wait for the puppy to grow into those claws.

8. A mother’s warm embrace is all you need.

via glennannan

You have a long way to go, young one.

9. Not a single worry in this world.

Can’t relate sorry.

10. The bums we all wouldn’t mind seeing.

They’re just made of cotton, we promise!

11. What waiting for the weekend looks like…

via hitcha

He takes after his father for sure.

12. Role model for their puppies.

We love this duo!

13. Caught in the right moment..

via Fyrelight

In the end, it’s the mother’s love that matters the most.

14. A bulldog being proud of his little one achieving his milestones.


The little one doesn’t seem too interested.

15. If Lion King were to be made on dogs, this would be it.

via Farhad Ghaderi

The perfect golden moment.

16. You don’t have to worry, my little boy..

via Sanna Sodergreu

Who knew comforting a puppy would look this cute.

Aren’t enough right? We know. It is impossible to stop right now. These puppies have been really good with holding on to their parents and making us fall in love with them. And we can’t wait for more. Keep scrolling now.

17. Picture perfect family.

via imgur.com

We’ve got our eyes on the naughty ones there.

18. Holding on to his mother.

Simply captivating!

19. This puppy gives the best nose rubs.

or maybe it’s just exploring. Either way, we’re in love.

20. Well, well, well…

Someone decided to be a little clumsy today…

21. When one floof ball isn’t enough.

via sugabee

You get another floofier ball.

22. They go by the name Charlie and Chaplin.

They’d make a great team together.

23. These puppies are just 3 days old.

via pubestic

And that’s what heaven feels like.

24. Someone had a ruff night…

Not one, two.

25. When you can’t decide who is cuter.

via imgur.com

Help us!

26. A protective mama with her newborn puppies.

via Busha_b

We have totally fallen for these little ones.

27. Looking over them.

But one might still be able to sneak out.

28. You’re doing great, bud!

via Hana D.

He’s sooooo little *heart eyes*

29. A little bop on the nose.

via imgur

That is another dogs’ way of expressing love.

30. We love a sleepy pair.

via Young Huynh

Looks like the softest puppy everrr.

31. Right after a birth moment.

via AaronColby

How precious is this!!!

32. ‘Yeah! You can do it’

via welsh corgi

Playtime with mom is always fun.

33. They even share their favourite bone…


“But you said you’d share it with me dad”

34. ‘Is this how we do it, mother?’

We are blessed with this poodle pair.


Who allowed them to be this cute?

36. Sweet cuddles with mother.

Our absolute favourite.

We’re obsessed with these mini versions of the loveliest dogs. So obsessed that we can’t help but look at more of them. Tag along if you’re as excited as we are.

37. Like dad, like son.

Lying far yet close by heart.

38. When you get in trouble, but your mom’s got your back…

Easy for these puppy eyes.

39. Mommy watching the sleepy puppy from afar.


40. Now, who left the cotton balls in the lawn?

oh, that’s just a dog and it’s little ball of furrrr.

41. Just a family soaking up the sun.

That’s furry cute.

42. The puppy is in awe of its mother’s beauty.

Don’t worry! You’ll grow out to be just as beautiful.

43. A (very) happy father and daughter…

It is alright. She’ll learn.

44. Family’s day out.

The father’s excited for his young one.

45. Kisses during playtime.

We’re amazed to see that beautiful hair on ears.

46. Three in a row…

Can’t gets cuter than this.

47. Someone knows how to sleep well.

Yep! This pup right here.

48. You gotta start young

If you wanna be like mom.

49. ‘And whatcha lookin’ at?’

Beautiful doggo and beautiful puppies.

50. It’s not hard to tell who gets in trouble the most.

Lovely smile there!

We’re officially out of words. These dogs and their little ones have successfully made us fall in love with them so deeply that I might even dream of them tonight. And we definitely can’t wait for them to grow up and turn out to be more graceful and handsome. Let us know what you think about these adorable puppies. We’d love to hear from you.

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