19 Dogs Who Tried Hard To Be Good Boys But Hilariously Failed

19 Dogs Who Tried Hard To Be Good Boys But Hilariously Failed

  • By Saif
  • April 25, 2021
  • 5 minutes read

Do you ever get tired of talking about your pup? We bet, you don’t!

Because we just love our pups more than anything in the world. They are nothing less than a big blessing in our lives. Our day starts with them and ends up cuddling our little puppers. We simply can’t imagine our lives without our little fluffers! They are a complete package of entertainment and cuteness and you can never feel lonely or bored with them. We become so obsessed with them that we’d always want to tell our friends or family about what they did during the day.

We would talk about their habits, their behaviours or the things they prefer. But the most hilarious things that we get to witness is their odd behaviours. Yes, cats are not the only ones who’d behave weird AF, dogs do too! Luckily, a Twitter user decided to start a thread by asking the dog owners to share the pictures of their little puppers behaving in the weirdest ways and boy did that thread get lucky! It ended up with thousands of comments and we are about to share some of the best ones with you! Scroll ahead and let the party start;

1. “He’s spying on me while I’m making dinner.”

via © rox-it / reddit

2. “Why are you laughing? Where’s the dog!?”

via © Paramedic351468 / reddit

3. Blue thinks that if someone gets in the bathtub, he should also be in there.

via © B85HOTBOD / twitter

4. HAHA OMG! Poor little chap!

via © aubreydscott7 / twitter

5. “My brother’s dog is forever at war with these naughty curtains in my office.”

via © AceAnbender / twitter

6. “He ate one of the big crayon packs. We had a rainbow-colored yard for a few days after.”

via © helie_bel / twitter

7. “I was quietly enjoying my morning coffee until I saw this. I almost choked from laughter.”

via © kalekent / reddit

8. He stood there like this for 10 minutes and we had no idea what he wants.

via © jiggyhal / reddit

9. This big little baby gets scared of the trash truck.

via © guitartwinkles / reddit

10. “Is the food ready yet, hooman?”

via © Zighoul / reddit

These hilarious dog posts are truly gold, aren’t they!? Watching these pups being weird AF is definitely one of our favourite hobbies! Don’t worry, it doesn’t end here, there’s more that we have stored for you! Keep scrollin’ until the end.

11. “We gave her a cardboard tube to play with, and she put it in her mouth and was running around like this for over a minute.”

via © livin4advntr / reddit

12. “This is Bonnie, and today she dug a hole and stuck her head inside. No one knows why.”

via © zorbama / reddit

13. “Where have you been, mister?”

via © GingerWife2017 / reddit

14. “My sister’s dog is a bit weird.”

via © TheBonald / reddit

15. “I installed a live feed camera at home so I could see what my dogs are up to while I’m at work.”

via © kevinaud / reddit

16. “Mom! Mom! Moooommmm!”

via © dixie0912 / reddit

17. “Fritzi loves to sleep in weird positions.”

via © FritziPower / reddit

18. “Hig sits on my steps and howls until I open the door to let him inside. Just so you know, Hig is not my dog.”

via © unknown / reddit

19. “He hid under the table when he saw that a ladybug was on his bed.”

via © arduyina / reddit

We hope that your tummies aren’t aching after laughing too much because these dog posts were definitely a mood booster! We’d like to know whether you have been able to catch your pup behaving weirdly? Let us know about their weirdest behaviours in the comments section below.

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