20 Dogs Who Don’t Care About Your Or Your Cat’s Personal Space

The polar opposite personalities of dogs and cats are no mystery to us. While cats choose to prefer alone time over anything else, dogs are complete goofballs, wear their hearts on their sleeve and never miss a chance to mingle with anyone coming their way. And for some reason, dogs tend to be very smitten with cats, just craving their attention.

As always, wholesomeness has gathered some purest dog and cat content that fill your heart with love and warmth. We will be showing you the most gush worthy pictures of dogs trying to fit with cats, making you adore them even more. These dogs do not hesitate to show their infinite amount of love. They would happily give up their comfortable sleeping place to the house cats to let them sleep peacefully or follow them up a tree, convincing them to hang out. And thanks to the cats for accepting the love of these dogs with open arms, which led us to these adorable moments.

Scroll down to see what we all at wholesomeness are going crazy about.

1.“Do you think they know I’m here?”

Please don’t ask me to leave, I want to play too!

2. We were playing hide and seek

They rescue team interrupted their play time. It was cold, but not too cold for these babies to play!

3. “Is it safe to come out?”

Are they still watching me…

4. “I feel like I’m being watched.”

Would my innocent face save me from the stares?

5. Trying to get that afternoon bliss with my siblings

‘Wholesome’ time together keeps everyone close!

6. “At least I have a place to rest my head.”

This dog is the hero we all need!

7. “Oh hi there.”

I thought it was my playing area too

8. She said she’ll play with my tomorrow if I let her sleep there

He has always got her back!

Didn’t get enough of these cats and dogs? We have plenty more! Stay with us and find out why cats and dogs are giving us new best friend goals. You make think you and your best friend are epitome of friendship, but I bet there is no friendship as endearing as one between a cat and dog.

9. We need a bigger bed to chill

10. I’m mad! no one is playing with me

This big boy is jealous that everyone is playing with the new cat! He thinks everyone has forgotten about him.

11. Did not want parents to scold my sister for the mess she created, so I ate her poop

12. Social distancing

13. The perfect sandwich

All those mommies and daddies keeping different sleeping places for their animals should see this! Dogs and cats should never be separated.

14. Heard you all were sunbathing; we wanted to join the club

These kids know the importance of enjoying the sun together. They are getting that summer tan!

15. Something feels wrong but I’ll let it slide

Can’t get enough of these dogs giving up their sleeping space to the cats! While cats would not budge to get what they want, these precious dogs are always there to compromise and have others’ back!

16. “I think this is as high as I’ll go for now.”

Aww buddy! Are you trying to escape?

17. Shotgun on the top seat

Oops, I think this is call to buy a bigger space, mom!

18. I am too tired to stretch and exercise, I just want to cuddle!

Doggo demands cuddles! Give it cuddles right away. Why else do you think he’s trying to climb up.

19. They didn’t put on our favorite tv show, so we decided to sleep instead

20. Tangled

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These pictures make us love dogs and their relationship with cats even more. From giving up their sleeping pillow to enjoying cat toys, dogs enjoy it all. Whoever said dogs are out to scare the cats away has not met these loving and caring dogs that are full of nothing but love.

Do you have pictures of your cats and dogs sharing cute and adorable moments like these? Share them and let us know in the comments section below which picture burst your heart with love!

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