24 Perfect Dogs That Can Make Any Cat Person A Dog Person

Yes, we get that you love cats and would always prefer a cat over a dog to keep as a pet but what if we try to change your mind? Here’s the thing, a dog won’t be needing as much attention a cat would. And, dogs won’t be as moody as cat. No wonder why dogs have been labelled as a man’s best friend. Oh, wait! No, No! let me correct that; A “human’s” best friend! Yep, much better. Dogs tend to keep you happy. Even more so than a cat would, as some would say. Not only that, dogs will certainly keep you physically fit, what with all those walks in the parks or streets.

To prove our points, we have managed to narrow down the best pictures of adorable doggos and puppies to see if you would still want to stay loyal to your cat or be convinced enough to get a dog as well? Of course, you don’t have to abandon your cat but you can just introduce an additional member in your family. And don’t worry about dogs trying to adjust with a cat because they won’t just protect you, they will protect every family member of your house which includes other pets too. Still not convinced yet? Let’s move towards the pictures and change your mind.

1. My my! *swoons*

Isn’t that just the cutest wink ever?

2. Awwww, little squishy wuishy smol baby.

If anyone even tries to say anything to this floof ball, we’re going to riot!

3. Would you look at that pose?

We need to take some classes from this handsome doggo.

4. These eyes are staring directly into your soul.

Must. Not. Blink.

5. Hello there, little floofball.

As if one floofer wasn’t enough, we’ve got more.

6. A dog has a dog. Dogception.

And there are so many other dogs too. Is this what heaven looks like?

7. Would you look at those paws!? Cuteness overloaded!

Need this cuddly bunny in my life.

8. “This 3-month-old Golden feels bad for peeing on the floor.”

Meanwhile, our cats just make sure we know that they did it on purpose.

9. I bet even your cat can’t smile like that!

We couldn’t resist the smile!

10. If the word “cute” actually had a face.

Excuse meee, another floofball. *heart eyes*

11. “I’ll do anything for you, dog…”

The literal definition of puppy eyes.

12. “Meet Alfie. 3 months old and always smiling.”

You smile, i smile.

We are sure we have changed your mind with these adorable pictures. Keep scrolling for more adorable and funny pictures. Our hearts are filled with love.

13. “My dog often gets mistaken for a fox at first glance.”

yep, they come in all shapes and sizes. And even as other animals.

14. “The wind turns my tiny dog into a ball.”

Now imagine this doggo jumping around.

15. WAIT, I THOUGHT IT’S A TOY! Oh my heart…

This one could easily fit in your pocket. TRAVEL BUDDYYY!

16. That seems like a mix of husky and a lab or could be a genetic mutation.

See, when it comes to being protective, we can easily jump into the serious mode.

17. “My wife and I just can’t believe this pupper is ours!”

We wouldn’t have believed it either.

18. “This girl is the master of head tilts.”

The prettiest girl ever!

19. “Took my rescue greyhound to get her photo taken. Nailed it.”

Hey, you never specified if he could take the tongue out or not.

20. “My parents’ boxer with her favorite ball”

How can this not make you laugh?

21. A bunch of best friends having a good time.

We all have that one friend who’s always sleepy. Btw, friendship goals.

22. No, I’m not a toy, I’m a real doggo!

There are floofballs and there are goofballs. Then there are both.

23. Does that dalmatian seem like a movie star?

That heart on his nose is going to make our hearts explode with love.

24. Yes, we love each other and live peacefully. jk, we fight all the time

Yes, cats are good, too. And i am not just adding this because my cat is staring at me and judging, probably.

So? Have we changed your mind about getting a doggie or are you still confused? Well, even if you are left confused, our job is pretty much done over here because at least you have started to think about it now.  But we assure you, this decision is definitely going to change your life for the better.

Which one did you love the most and which doggo would you prefer to keep as a pet? Let us know in the comments section below. And for all you dog mommies and daddies, share

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