50 Hysterical Times When Dogs’ Settings Crashed & They Forgot How To ‘Dog’

  • By Saif
  • June 11, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

Are you a dog owner? Well, if you are, you must know how your doggos can get themselves into unnecessary trouble every now and then. It could be anything from messing up the house entirely or tearing up the cushions when you are not home and they never fail to amaze us with their new tricks every time. Dogs are one of the most adorable creatures on Earth and having them as a pet is nothing less than a blessing. Their cute tricks and expressions are what we’d die for!

However, have you ever been able to capture any of those hilarious yet adorable moments at the right time? It’s definitely not easy to just think about taking out your camera and capturing those moments because you get so lost in them that it doesn’t even occur to you, we get it! But if you do manage to capture it, it’s really fun for everyone else to see and it would definitely brighten up anyone’s day!

Fortunately, there are a few people who have managed to grab these moments at the right time of their pups making failed attempts and it’s hilarious. Let’s check them out!

1. I was just trying to be a turtle.

2. Your doggo isn’t home. I’m a seal. Maybe he went that way.

3. Oh, I was not trying to sneak in. I am just trying to find my ball, is it here?

4. What? I can become hulk too.

Yvonne Bernal – It’s what you call a “Garden Retriever”

5. My doggo received a certificate for being the most obedient pup. Well…the irony.

6. Get off me, I don’t want to become a horsie, wtf!?

7. I have managed to get on the top of this tree but how do I get off of it? Anyone?

8. Well, one of them is going to be cast in “The Mask” next sequel.

9. There’s nothing in here, Georgie.

10. Oh, I thought it’s a paddle pop. Never mind.

11. I’m humble. You can sleep at my place.

12. If only I can get to the other side through this net.

13. I hate these stupid humans and I hate taking a bath!

14. Oh, you came to poop? Me? I was just…relaxing.

Aren’t you having a good laugh there? We bet you are! Nothing can be more delightful than watching these adorable little creatures doing stupid things. There are many more, keep scrolling!

15. Look at that stupid human as if she cracked a funny joke. Ha ha ha! So. Funny. Bleh!

16. How would I know there’s a big gap between the road and the bush? Can’t even trust anyone nowadays.

17. Move that cross away from me! I am possessed.

18. Kneel before me, Human. For, I’m your king now.

19. Do they think I fell? That’s just a cool move I pulled.

20. I am just trying to be comfortable, okay?

21. Hey, do I have something on my back?

22. Can you get me out of this first?

23. Ugh, but just yesterday I saw a human lying here. Why did I get stuck?

24. I didn’t want to come here in the first place.

25. Really? How would you feel if you are kissing your wife and I would bring my foot near your face? Annoying hoomans.

26. You said playing fetch is fun!??

27. Oh… I was just trying to look out the window. Anyway, what’s up?


Haha this one is one of my most favourite! His expressions and the trouble he got himself into are truly priceless! I would die laughing if I had to witness that in real life. These people are lucky to witness these moments in person! Keep scrolling to see more failed attempts.

28. I was just trying to find my doggo into one of the kennels and well…

29. What is this dumb shit, hooman? Let me have my face back.

30. My sugar levels were low but I shouldn’t have eaten that bee.

31. What are you looking at? Help me with this!

32. Excuse me, sir? Where’s the way out?

33. Why do you have so many sockets in the house? SMH.

34. Get me out of here!

35. Guys, how did you get past this? It’s so slippery.

36. And you thought only lions can hunt?

37. Wooooh! I’m a zombie.

38. This is my bag, find yourself another one.

39. Are you going to feed me or not?

40. Where did I put the TV’s remote, let me see.

41. Is this my food?

42. Am I supposed to just stay like this?


Haha! Look at this one trying to get out of that little window and got himself stuck. Why would you do that, doggo? Which one did you like so far? Or wait, there are more below!


43. I was not hiding, I got stuck, geniuses. Who would hide like this?

44. How do you even wear this thing?

45. I was just trying to slide.

46. Wait, did I fall into a trap made for somebody else? Great.

47. That’s not your makeup, I just have pink paws.

48. I just wanted to warn you that you shouldn’t go outside.

49. When your dog doesn’t wanna move while you mow the lawn.

50. I was just sitting here… but what’s up? Is there something on my face?


And the “failed attempts” show comes to an end. We hope you’ve had a good laugh. So, did you see how dogs can get themselves into trouble the moment you leave them alone? They probably get tired of wandering around and decide to do something fun as we all do. Dogs are likely to share the traits of their owners and we are pretty sure you must have gotten yourself in similar troubles. Not that stupid though but yeah, you get the drill.
What’s the most hilarious attempt that your dog has tried and failed? Feel free to share the pictures or tell us about it into the comments section below.

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