Hilarious Pictures Of Cats That Are Actually Dogs Living The Cat Life

  • By Saif
  • September 17, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Have you ever come across a dog who acts like a cat?

Well, this is good news and bad news. It’s good news for the people who like to remain neutral when it comes to cats VS dogs and they wouldn’t mind either of them. However, for the people who are biased towards either of them, it’s going to be a piece of bad news for them.

Let’s say, you love having a dog as a pet instead of a cat and it turns out that your dog possesses traits of a cat and acts similarly as well. What are you going to do? Pretty sure you won’t be happy about it but if you ask me, it’s a WIN-WIN situation. Why? Because that way, you get to admire the looks of a dog and enjoy the hilarious personality of a cat. What could be a better combination than that?

There are many dogs around the world who acts like a cat and some of the owners doesn’t really like it while the others had an amazing time with them. Regardless, they look incredibly cute in these scenarios. However, if you feel like you are missing out on them, don’t worry. We have gathered up pictures for you which were taken by the owners of those dogs and they are hilarious!

Are you ready for the fun ride to begin? Scroll down and let the party begin!

1. Seems like this doggo has been spending a lot of time with the cats

via reddit

My 50 lb dog thinks he’s a cat.

2. “Hooman, pliss ignore me at this point. Don’t make any eye contact with me”

via reddit

Waffles, the rare cat-dog

3. Guess who else likes to sit on the chairs?

via reddit

My cat-dog.

4. “Why are you looking at me like that? What is it?”

via reddit

Nothing, we are just amused by your behaviour, doggo.

5. Younger siblings always get inspired by the older ones

via reddit

Capone’s older brother is a cat, so he thinks he is a cat as well. He likes to spy on evil neighbor dogs in the yard from the toy table.

6. The cat be like – “Get rid of that dumb dog, John. He is freaking me out.”

via reddit

My cat friend sits in the box, so I sits in the box. Mom says I’m the best doggo.

7. Don’t know about a bird but he is definitely mimicking a cats behaviour.

via reddit

Meet Cedar, he sometimes thinks he’s a bird or a cat while he watches the neighborhood.

8. “What? I was just trying to peek out of the window and it DOES NOT mean I’m a cat, hooman”

via reddit

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you are a cat. But well… it actually does.

9. I just wanted to get cosy. Like the cat does it.

via reddit

My dog might be learning some things from my cat.

10. We can tell that Bell doesn’t just live with the cats, it acts like one too now.

via reddit

This is Bell. She lives with 3 cats and at 4:45, she watches for her dad.

These pictures are hilarious AF and we know for a fact that you are enjoying them too. Even if you have a biased opinion when it comes to cats or dogs, you are certainly going to adore the way these dogs are behaving and they just might change your opinion about the cats too! Keep scrolling for more surprises ahead.

11. When your mum wakes you up early for school.

via reddit

I think my dog may have been a cat in her past life. I give you dogloaf.

12. OMG, he’s so ADORABLE!

via reddit

And those cat traits makes him look even cuter!

13. “Don’t tell me that I’m behaving like a cat. I’m just chilling, okay.”

via reddit

No, no. Of course not. You are TOTALLY not behaving like a cat…

14. Can you spot the cat? If you did, can you differentiate?

via reddit

Ernie wondering when the dog started thinking this was a shared cat condo.

15. “How may I help you today, Sir?”

via reddit

Are you sure that’s a dog?

16. “Dis my bed now, hooman. Go away, shush”

via reddit

I paid for a DOG! Not a cat…

17. “Can you just dry clean me today instead of giving me a bath?”

via reddit

Being a dog is too much work. He likes being a cat instead.

18. “My friend sits like this”

via reddit

Someone has been hanging out with the cats next door.

19. Here’s a new version of “If I fits, I sits”

via reddit

This doggo is tired of being a doggo now.

20. “Oh crap! They saw me! Wait, I can explain…”

via Instagram

Someone has some explaining to do.

Well, the fun ride ends here. So, tell us all you dog lovers, would you keep a dog who behaves like a cat? I mean look at them, how adorable they can be even if they behave as a cat does! Both are adorable creatures and we love them both! What did you think of these pictures and which one did you find the funniest? Let us know into the comments section below!

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