Artist Illustrates His Dog’s Knee Surgery In A Wholesome Comic

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  • August 23, 2020
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Having a pet dog that you look after is a very active way to learn responsibility. There’s a reason why some parents think that getting their kid a dog to look after would teach them how to be better, because looking after another living creature does that for you. Especially dogs, who love you without asking anything in return. Such is the tale of Korbin, who is an adorable puppy that “OK Blue Comics” looks after. He’s an artist on Instagram with a humble following of 30k!

There was a time when Korbin was playing in the yard and started yelping and struggling. They took him to the vet who came him some painkillers, and told him to go easy on the playing, but even a year later, Korbin was still limping and struggling. After taking him to the vet again, it became apparent that the dog needed surgery, and when Korbin came out of surgery, he was obviously feeling a little down. The artist posted the collection on Imgur and told his story!

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#1 Knee operation

So here’s the story, about a year ago my dog, Korbin, was running to the house from the back yard, when he got to the deck he made a strange yelp and started limping. After going to the vet, we were given some medication and sent on our way. We brought it up again but the resolution was trying to keep him from playing with his sibling and lowering activity…didn’t help the limp.

#2 No more limps

Fast forward to this year during his physical, we were told that he had bad arthritis and he would need TCL surgery (surgery on the knee). He had torn his MCL and CCL (dog equivalent of ACL) and also had bad arthritis. The vet said “If we had gotten to it sooner, we could have prevented the arthritis.” 

#3 Trusting dad

#4 Finally home

#5 Don’t feel good

#6 Immediate improvement

Luckily, the surgery went great and when he got home we decided to give him a stuff avocado toy he loves to play with and his jammies to snuggle in. He’s doing well now and he finally gets his cone off on Thursday! Still a bit to go towards healing, but he’s doing great and responding well to the at home therapy!

#7 Duck jammies.

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