17 Dogs Discovered Mirrors For The First Time And Their Reactions Are Hilarious

17 Dogs Discovered Mirrors For The First Time And Their Reactions Are Hilarious

  • By Saif
  • December 27, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Dog posts are always a mood lifter whenever you are bored.

Whether it’s physically or virtually, our adorable little puppers are always there to cheer us up with their amusing and silly acts. Having a doggo in your life is a pure blessing. It is also a well-known fact that dogs are said to improve the quality of our lives drastically. Dogs are surrounded with so many fascinating facts that no one has probably never even heard of before. For instance, did you know that a bloodhound’s sense of smell is so accurate that it can actually be used as proof in a court? Yep, that’s one of the strangest facts, indeed. But other than that, did you know that a greyhound can actually beat a cheetah in a long-distance race? Sounds impossible, right? Well, dogs never fail to surprise us, do they?

Anyway, today’s topic is about our little puppers discovering mirrors for the first time ever in their life and the reactions, well, they are hilarious AF! Some appeared confused, some were shocked and some of them thought it’s some other doggo trying to mimic their actions. If you have a dog, you might have experienced that already but for those of you who haven’t, you are going to love it! So, grab some popcorns as we have gathered up a few pictures of dogs discovering mirrors for the first time and it’s truly hilarious! Without any further delays, let’s go ahead and check it out!

1. Check out this one, he’s in a staring contest…with himself!

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Y so serious doggo?

2. Oh my, look at this beauty!

via Instagram

That adorable smile though!!!

3. “Damn, I need to trim my hair”

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Don’t sweat, doggo! You look cute AF!

4. “Wait for a second, who the hell are you and what are you doing in here?”

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Those expressions are priceless.

5. Making rebellious decisions be like:

via Faceook


6. “Hooman, can you explain to me who this gentleman is?”

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Lmao, that look though!

7. When you hear footsteps approaching your room at 2 am:

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“Who dis?”

8. Hello there, cutie!

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Look at those paws!

Don’t you just love their adorable and weird expressions while staring at themselves into the mirror? One thing’s for sure, these adorable little puppers are a complete pack of entertainment! Keep scrollin’ as we have more pictures for you!

9. “Ayo Mexicano!”

via Instagram

Love that scarf!

10. And this one tried to bite the mirror.

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“Who the hell are you trying to bite back at me?”

11. “Wilma has no idea what to do about this other dog, but she is positive she wants its ball”

via Instagram

Awww, what a cutie!

12. “Are you going to stop copying me or not?”

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He’s furious about the other pupper in the mirror trying to mimic him.

13. Someone just loves to admire his own reflection!

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“Oooh, I look so sexay!”

14. “Hey, what are you doing down there? Do you need any help?”

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I love how he’s staring at himself!

15. This one is like, “Really”?

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“I know it’s a mirror, hooman”

16. “It’s too cold outside, I’m just going to put on my most furry clothes”

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I’m melting.

17. Oh lord… that expression is the cutest!

via Instagram

Those puppy eyes!!!

Sorry folks, that was it for today and we are certain of the fact that you enjoyed every bit of it, didn’t you? We would also like to know what was your puppers first reaction when he/she discovered a mirror? Let us know into the comments section below!

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