14 Dogs Caught Red Pawed In The Middle Of Their Weird Shenanigans

14 Dogs Caught Red Pawed In The Middle Of Their Weird Shenanigans

Dogs are amazing AF, we all know that. Most giving, loving and notorious creatures! While they are the love of our lives, they can be a lil naughty and cause some disturbances as well! But i guess that comes with the package, we have to deal with all of it. And don’t get us wrong, we are not saying it’s a bad thing!

Some of the dog owners went ahead and took extra measure to check out their dog’s notorious behaviors. Or what they do when they know their hooman parents are not available or looking at them. The results of this experiment are hilarious and adorable! Watching these dogs sneaking around and expressing themselves with their acts is the most adorable thing ever!

We are not going to keep you waiting more, scroll down to watch these doggos make most of their time when they are left unattended!

1. This baby loves some pole dancin’

Via @jujuasf

That’s a nice grip you got there little bud!

2. ‘Are you gonna join me or what?’ – Doggo

Via @m_britt_o

David Dobrik, you’re doing it right! You’ve got dog-fans, how wonderful is that?

3. Gordon Ramsay of human feet!

Via @KevinHart4real

Hooman don’t disappoint your doggo like that. Just get a pedicure!

4. These dogs have got their priorities set straight!

Love is in the air!

5. Not gonna lie, that blunt makes this lil doggo look super sassy!

Via @Boogie2988

Seems like this addiction is not going to go away easy!

6. Doggo wants what it wants!

Via @Kristen_Arnett

Respect her eating choices, hooman!

7. This big boy knows he has done something wrong!

Via @HayesGrier

Oh MY, Look at those guilty eyes!

8. Now we can’t judge dogs for their preferences in food.

Via @Loeybug

Money is temporary, dogs are constant!

9. If you can see through it, you can pass through it!

Via @DollyMarlowe

Rules are made to be broken. Or in this case, the screen door was put so it can be torn.

10. These doggos caught us off-guard!

Via @fluffyguy

Doggyback rides!

11. If hoomans don’t let you play a game, eat it!

Via @pokalope

We see no remorse in its eyes!

12. Enjoy the high life while you still can!


Hopefully the good furniture is not ruined!

13. Accidents happen!

Via @KaceyMusgraves

Judgmental hoomans!

14. Jenna Marbles as an inspiration for this dog! Never thought this would happen!

Catching these doggos red handed is surely super fun, isn’t it? We loved every bit of it, we are sure so did you guys. Love the bond dog-lovers share, it is truly special. These angels cracked us up! Sadly, it ends here today but don’t worry we have a lot of content on your favorite creatures! Share this post with your dog-lover friends and family and make their day with this post! Don’t forget to let us know which one was your favorite in the comments section below.

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