Dogs Who Tried Their Best To Avoid Bath Time

  • By Saif
  • October 6, 2020
  • 2 minutes read

Is your dog normal or does it like taking a bath?

Many pet parents will be aware of the idea that how difficult bathing time can be sometimes! The canines will do everything to avoid water. They would squirm and wriggle once they have entered the toilet while shaking or gasping at the sound of running water. These are the usual responses of dogs when they don’t want to bath.

It is really common that dogs are staunchly anti-bath. Despite of having sharp noses, they don’t really know the difference between good and a bad smell. Wondering why they aren’t ashamed of being stinky. One whiff of those doggy smells and pet parents rapidly understand there’s no other option except for to break out the tear-free shampoo and scrub their not so happy little pup!

The process is hectic as well as funny. It’s funny how dogs are not ready to take a bath at any cost. And they will do anything in their control to stop their parents from bathing them, even pretend to be dead! In this article we have a collection of videos where pet owners are convincing their dogs for a bath and dogs are resisting as much as they can! Are these strategies really working? Do you want to know? If yes, then you will have to scroll down and watch the videos till the end!

1.  What about a nice snack after you let us bathe you?

Maybe bribing them into bathing will be helpful?

2. Still trying to process what makes them hate bath so much!

Come on leedul pup, its not that bad!

3. That ain’t no dog. It’s a lion!

Dogo is determined that he won’t make things easier for its parents!

4. Working well under pressure..

This dogo honestly knows how to perform well under pressure! Not giving up at all!

5. ‘If I don’t look at him he can’t see me!’

No buddy, it doesn’t work that way..

6. Looks like someone actually fell asleep..

This bubba is so precious that I’d just let him sleep and not force him to bath!

7. Hey hooman, stop mentioning bath again and again pls…

All I want is you to rub my belly..

8. You are not being dragged for execution, it’s just a bath.

You tried dogo, you tried…

9. It’s not a new experience, don’t be scared dogo…

Playing dead? Hmm, buddy come up with something new!

All of these dogs were really unique in their actions. Seems like they tried their best to avoid bathing but they weren’t lucky enough! We are so glad that owners recorded these hilarious videos and shared them with us. Definitely made my day, hoping it also cracked you up! What are your opinions? Does your dog also resist bathing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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