Dogs Are Trying To Struggle Their Way Out Through Quarantine & Its Hilarious!

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  • October 12, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Due to the pandemic, 2020 has left everyone devastated. People have been forced to stay in their homes to avoid the spread of the virus. While staying home, some people have gotten even lazier than before while some of them discovered their hidden talents. But do you know, that’s not the case with the humans only? It includes animals as well. Dogs, to be more specific.

No, they haven’t discovered any of their hidden talents if that’s what you are wondering but they just didn’t stop being themselves, at all. As a matter of fact, they behaved even more weirdly and hilariously during the time of the quarantine. Since humans couldn’t take their dogs on a walk, our doggos didn’t really have many activities to do and boy that just keeps getting funnier and funnier with every passing day.

We think, that people who have dogs in their houses must be having one hell of a quarantine. That’s like too much entertainment because the fact is, you can get bored by a human’s company but a dog’s company? Nope, that ain’t happening, ever! However, we have gathered up a few pictures which depict that dogs did not stop being dogs even during the quarantine. Are you ready to have a good laugh? Let us scroll down!

1. Someone’s planning to get naughty.

via wendi773

It’s always the little one’s, isn’t it?

2. Oh, someone brought a gift!

via nataliam465cf8ad5

“Will you take me out now, hooman?”

3. That’s some serious discussion going on.

via casualphone88

“John, I think someone’s taking a picture of us”

4. Someone’s tired of being inside.

via n461a6351f

“Get me more of that and leave me alone, hooman”

5. Quarantine be like:

via feltsplogan831

Tired of running around in the house, aren’t we?

6. Awww… That’s adorable!

via kirstyo46d0e4d91

“Benson is missing his friends at the park so I had to make him a new friend.”

7. Party time!

via terril42eb1f7e2

“We made a fake club in the garage for my little brother’s 21st birthday. My sister’s dog, Figaro, wore a party hat and perfectly played the part of the sleepy and sloppy club goer.”

8. He wants to know what’s in the book

via hemlockheathen

“Read me the story, hooman”

9. As soon as the hooman leaves the bed

via sophieboxador

This doggo takes his place

So, you thought you’re the only one trying to struggle their way out of the quarantine? If you have a dog, quarantine really shouldn’t be that difficult for you to handle but if you do not, we hope that these pictures would help you pass some time. Don’t worry, there’s more to go. Keep on scrolling.

10. He won’t let his hooman work.

via almacchiato

“Give me attention, hooman”

11. Someone’s saving the money to spend as soon as the quarantine ends.

via tillymaecox

“Imma buy treats from this”

12. A doggo party!!!

via katied405bd7109

Omg, that’s adorable!

13. Couldn’t go outside but backyard works fine too!

via puppygreen310

See the happiness on his face!

14. It’s too cold to go outside anyway.

via aprilr4634b473e

This is cosy.

15. I have been looking for my hairbrush the whole day and …

via tkreid75

“Comb my hair, hooman”

16. Someone’s feeling cold.

via patriciacardoso1207

“I am stuck, can you get me out, hooman?”

17. Such a lazy day!

via jpcornwell

“Let’s just sleep since we can’t go out anyway”

18. “You are not coming back to bed, are you, hooman?

via charmander91o

No, that’s fine. It’s your place.

Oh well, we have reached the end now. We really hope that these pictures did make a difference and helped in killing your time. What’s the weirdest thing that your dog surprised you with during the quarantine? Let us know into the comments section below!

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