Doggo Posts That Are Guaranteed To Produce Serotonin

  • By Hashir
  • October 11, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

This year has been the worst but at least we have dogs. They are the main source of happiness for a lot of us. In all honesty, nothing has made us more sad and troubled than the year 2020, but our dogs have always been around trying to make our lives a little less miserable. We’re so glad they exist. These goofy creatures have saved us all in many ways by keeping us happy.

All our worries are instantly gone as soon as we see our dog’s face. It’s always very warm, welcoming and happy. Always smiling when they see us and their tails always wagging as a sign of excitement and immense joy. With our doggos by our sides, we can get through anything. No mater how bad it is. So today, we compiled some of the most happy yet goofy dog videos and photos for all the dog lovers out there. Here are 15 doggo posts that will make your heart smile. Scroll down and check them out.

“Dog food doesn’t grow on trees.”

Source: Reddit

Finally found a hot-dog field.

Source: Twitter

Dogs have friends in all places.

source: Twitter

Look at this cloud. Wondering how it fell on the floor.

Source: Twitter

That’s a rainbow doggo!

Source: Twitter

Such a cute froggo.

Source: Twitter

“When I warned my mom against getting another dog when she already has one she said “I want to grow my dog family”. Now that I’ve seen the puppy, I understand.”

Source: Reddit

The best ever! We can watch this doggo all day.

This doggo seems high. *Rolls on the floor laughing.*

Listen up everybody! It’s important.

Some corn ASMR y’all!

Dogs are such pure creatures. They have huge hearts that are big enough to fit everyone around them. They care for their friends, their families and even cats. Sometimes, they adopt kittens and care for them like their own babies. They raise them and protect them until they are able to protect themselves. Just like Mack did. It’s not that they only care for fellow animals. They also feel for humans and human babies. We’ve seen dogs trying to soothe the crying human babies as well. They are true gems at heart.

All these doggos are too wholesome and cuddle-worthy. Our day has been made. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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