Woman Leaves Her Dog With Dad, Gets Wholesome Text Updates From Him

It’s never easy to leave your pet. Even when you have to go out to work, for studies, or to run some errands etc, it’s very difficult. Especially when you have to go somewhere for a longer period of time.

First of all, your pets would never let you go out of the house without you feeling extremely guilty for leaving them. They would look at you with so much love and hope in their eyes which would making leaving them 10,000 times harder. And then of course, because the love is so strong is pure, missing them all day and worrying about them constantly is something that all pet owners have to deal with, on a regular basis.

Just like that, here is a story about Meghan who had to leave her 4 year old dog, Chance, at home when she got the opportunity to go visit New York City. Chance was rescued from Richmond Animal League. Meghan and her friend set out to get a puppy for her from RAL, that’s where she met Chap. They did not leave that place without getting that doggo.

Unfortunately, Chap had a rough life before meeting Meghan. He was shot and his jaw was shattered. Fortunately, the surgeon was able to fix it by putting a plate in his jaw which worked out wonderfully for Chap. After adopting this beautiful doggo, Meghan changed his name from Chap to Chance, after her favorite rapper “Chance the Rapper”. This doggo was also named Chance because he was given a second chance. How wonderful is that?

Now when Meghan had to leave for NYC, she needed to find a babysitter for her little baby, Chance. She decided the best person to do that is her dad, also known as Chance’s granddad. Chance had the time of his life with her granddad and she was nothing but pampered with love and care, and lots of treats! Meghan took to twitter to tell her story about the adventures of Chance and her dad, and love how it unfolds. Take a look!

Now that mommy is gone, Chance and Dad going out for some take outs.

Grandparents love spoiling their grandchildren with lots of fun and food. *heart eyes*

Well, Mommy is no longer the favorite person.

Coming in for some night time cuddles. Glad this little buddy won’t be sleeping alone!

And finally reunited with mommy!

Well, we hate to break it to you, Meghan, but seems like Chance has a favorite hooman and that’s not you! What an adorable little story of Granddad and Grandchild. We are in love with how gramps took care of Chance and made sure he didn’t miss his mommy too much, or was lonely. What did you think of Meghans story? Let us know in the comments section below.

Would you leave your pets with your parents?

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