This Lost Dog Returned Home With A Pair Of Best Friends, A Goat & A Dog

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  • August 14, 2020
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Dogs tend to be sometimes quite unpredictable. They’re super friendly, which makes them great household pets, but at times, a little too friendly. If you’re wondering what “too friendly” looks like, then look no further than Bo, the Krier family black labrador. After going missing and worrying the family for a few days, turns out, the little puppy went on an adventure. After gathering the neighborhood animals, specifically another dog and a goat, Bo went out on an epic tale to a farm to frolic and play.

No, I’m not exaggerating in the least, this is exactly what happened. Bo helped a goat and a dog escape their house, and they went out, worrying both the Kriers (Bo’s family) and the Huggans (The goat and dog’s family). Turns out, they were just making friends and having a great time, which is just the most adorably wholesome thing I’ve heard all week. It definitely caught the families off guard, but when they found them, the video of Kyle Krier finding them was the sweetest thing ever.

Source: The Dodo || Laura Krier

These are the Kriers

Laura said this to The Dodo;

“We had been searching for him nonstop. It was one of those stories that you tell your family and friends and they don’t believe you. But then you watch the video and it totally happened. It is funny. Bo is crazy, he is full of energy and always up to something. He’s a nice, sweet dog.”

And this is Bo.

Bo went on a grand adventure.

There’s actually scientific data as to why dogs are so friendly!

Williams syndrome, also known as Williams-Beuren syndrome, occurs when people are missing of a chunk of DNA containing about 27 genes. The syndrome affects about one in 10,000 people, and it is associated with a suite of mental and physical traits, including bubbly, extroverted personalities, a broad forehead, full cheeks, heart defects, intellectual disability and an affinity for music. The first hint of a link between dogs and Williams syndrome came in 2010, when evolutionary biologist Bridgett vonHoldt and her colleagues examined DNA from 225 wolves and 912 dogs from 85 breeds. They were looking for parts of the genome that have been shaped by selection since dogs diverged from wolves. One gene that popped out was WBSCR17, suggesting that it or other genes near it were important in dog evolution. This region of the genome is similar in dogs and humans, and the human version of WBSCR17 is located near the sequence that is deleted in people with Williams syndrome.

Which you can see here

Laura even posted about it

They were all excited!

They’re like “The Uber’s here!”

Their names are Libby and Ozzy

Shawna Huggans said;

“It’s difficult to say if Bo the black Lab or Libby and Ozzy were the culprit in starting the adventure. But, nonetheless, they escaped. They’re pals for sure.”

Bo’s full of shenanigans

Even though he looks innocent

People had a lot on their mind!

It’s Bo’s car after all!

The goat followed suit!

It’s so adorable!

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