Dog Posts That'll Make Everything — Yes, EVERYTHING

Dog Posts That’ll Make Everything — Yes, EVERYTHING

  • By Saif
  • October 12, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Hello, hooman! We see that you are back for your weekly dose of doggo posts.

But have you ever stopped and wondered how lucky are we to have these precious little creatures in our lives? I mean, one cannot even imagine a world without these little puppers! (no offence to cat lovers). For the people who have dogs, knows exactly what we are talking about. Coming home to our little cuddle buddies is the best feeling ever!

As 2020 hasn’t really been pleasant for any of us, dogs have played a vital role in our lives. Whoever has been blessed with a dog at their house, their quarantine period was a lot better than the ones who did not have one. So, if you haven’t gotten yourself a pupper yet and still thinking whether you should get one or not, we are pretty hopeful that this article could convince you to do that.

We have gathered up some of the cutest and funniest pictures of adorable doggos for you to enjoy! Scroll down and see for yourself.

1. Let’s start with the cutest picture!

via u/fourNtwentyz / Via

Journey from fitting into the boot to the boot fitting to it.

2. I am totally digging that!

via Twitter

This is the type of tattoo I want!

3. Magnus is a bird watcher!

via Twitter

And he looks extremely adorable while pointing his cute little paws at them.

4. Before and after adoption.

via u/Erifniar / Via

The first picture totally breaks our heart but the second picture immediately fills the hole.

5. Before and after the haircut.

via <span class=”subbuzz__attribution js-subbuzz__attribution
xs-text-6 xs-block”>u/Pacman327 / Via

He’s handsome and adorable either way!

6. 14/10!? I’d give him 1400/10!

via Twitter

He’s too cool for us and we are totally out of his league.


via <span class=”subbuzz__attribution js-subbuzz__attribution
xs-text-6 xs-block”>u/JustAN0body / Via

This is one SPECIAL doggo.

8. Taka is one brave pupper!

via <span class=”subbuzz__attribution js-subbuzz__attribution
xs-text-6 xs-block”>u/C_Chris77 / Via

And he’s extremely handsome!

9. Haha oh god! She’s smart AF!

We are still wondering how did she even teach herself to do that!?

10. This duo is watching the videos together and we can’t help but go gaga over them!

That is the cutest bond ever!

11. The most entertaining video you will see today.

Husky be like “guys, can you please stop this shit? you look stupid”

Annnd the show comes to an end. Ugh, we didn’t really want it to end but that’s enough cuteness for today, don’t you think? We really hope that you enjoyed every bit of it and you are already planning to get a doggo now. But we strongly encourage you not to BUY one. Please, adopt a pupper and give him a new life! They deserve it! Share this post with your family and friends to lift up their moods.

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