14 Dog Posts From This Week That Are Just Too Good Not To Share, Plain And Simple

  • By Saif
  • April 10, 2021
  • 3 minutes read

Did you know your dog can SMELL your feelings?

It’s a fact that your dog’s sense of smell is estimated to be 100,000 times better than yours. So, considering that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that they are able to smell your fear. Dogs are one of the smartest creatures and they are always around whenever we need them. They wouldn’t hesitate to give away their life for you and that’s how much they love you. Would you ever do the same for them? We doubt that! Humans always want something in return but our adorable puppers would love you unconditionally!

However, another fun fact that you probably didn’t know of is that dogs can even be trained to detect cancers and other diseases in humans. As a matter of fact, nowadays dogs are being used to sniff out Covid-19 as well! Anyways, today, we have gathered up a few, VERY ADORABLE, dog posts for you to see. It doesn’t matter whether you have a dog or not because you are going to enjoy this anyway. Scroll down to get started;

1. That has got to be the cutest sheriff ever!


2. Haha this cracked me up!


3. I’m not crying, you are crying!


4. It doesn’t seem like Grendel wants to share but can we just give him some cuddles instead?


5. We wish this pupper good health and she’s one of the cutest puppers ever!


6. A sleepover!


7. But they grow up so fast! Don’t they?


Are you aware of the fact that your dog might be suffering from separation anxiety? So, if you’re about to leave the house, try to leave some of the clothes that you’ve worn for your pupper to sniff as it would help him out ease up the anxiety. Such little babies, aren’t they!? Let’s continue towards the post.

8. Damn… that dog is GORGEOUS!


9. Doggo be like, “are you taking a picture? really?”


10. People who work in these shelters are LUCKY AF!


Every night we tuck in the pups & remind them how much they are loved, maybe tomorrow their furever families will come ♥️ #notyouraverageshelter

♬ original sound – Always Furever

11. Not sure if it’s a dog or a frog? Either way it’s adorable!


500k Ivy stans?? Good morning

♬ original sound – Ivy

12. Awww! We could watch this whole day!


Ah, we just hate goodbyes, don’t we? But sadly, the post comes to an end but hey, don’t be sad because we will be back with more posts, soon! Meanwhile, why don’t you let us know which one of these posts intrigued you the most? Feel free to write in the comments section below!

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