Dog Medley : Funny, Cute & Dorkiest Dogs

As evident from the title, we are going to talk about the most lovable animals – Dogs! Where are all the dog-lovers at? We have some special content for you!

We know your love is limitless for this wonderful creature so, we have come to save your day with the most wholesome snaps of doggos being funny, cute and dorky! We know now for sure that dogs are an absolute delight! They are always doing something adorable or goofy that melts our heart! They don’t even have to try to make us fall in love because we lose our hearts to these babies anyway!

We have collected some snaps of these dogs in their natural element of doing something cute or silly for y’all (and ourselves, too). So, sit back and enjoy these absolutely heartwarming snaps of your favorite creatures! We know sometimes all a dog-lover needs is some pictures of these precious babies to make their day 100x better! We get y’all.

Scroll down to make your day a better one!

1. Sunset and an adorable doggo! perfection

Look at this majestic doggo!

2. You gotta imitate the invader mat dog!

This doggo giving the mat-doggo some serious competition!

3. Seems like the beginning of a legendary friendship!

So cute! We are here for it!

4. ‘Who ruined my precious sleep?’

Whoever rang that bell is dead by the expressions of the doggo!

5. He is not ready to accept that news! Poor baby!

Looks like someone’s not excited about being the responsible big brother!

6. AW! Look at the pure joy on this doggos face!


7. Opposition better be ready to be attacked by this doggo’s deadly cuteness!

Look at that tie you guys!

8. Why are they all so grumpy or is this the new pose?

What our future dream family looks like!

9. Can we hug this mom-pup duo? Please?

Too adorable!

10. Sleepy doggos are the cutest if you ask us!

What we seem like the whole day! Except, not cute!

11. Boy, we are IN LOVE with doggo already!

Gorgeous little girl!

12. And he steal hooman’s hearts!

This doggo got it right!

13. Look at this poised beautiful doggo!

We are jealous!

14. The sadness in their eyes is breaking our hearts!

Such loyal loving doggos!

15. This doggo is not gonna get tricked by the cookie lie again!

Hm, smart doggo!

You think you have seen enough cuteness for the day? Nope, You are wrong! Because we have many more in stock y’all! Told ya, we have special content for you. Keep scrolling and being happy!

16. This melted our hearts! How precious!

Please snuggle with us and sleep!

17. This picture looks straight out of the magazine!

Headline: Doggo of the year!

18. He is ACTUALLY enjoying that breeze! So wholesome!

We are so happy for Leo!

19. From a scared doggo to the happiest doggo ever!

We live for such evolutions!

20. This picture is too perfect for words! All our favorite things in one frame!

That pose!

21. You gotta give in a numb leg as a sacrifice for such moments!

We would give two numb legs for this wholesome moment!

22. Meanwhile the doggo is thinking, “Why is my hooman always snapchatting about everything!”

Better ask her that question, hooman!

23. Us after the occasional morning jog!

Sleeping so peacefully! AW

24. Damn, we are guilty why we are not petting him through the screen!

What sorcery is this doggo?

25. Bow down to Duder- the Boss Dog!

Bravest of the brave!

26. We would give this doggo everything we have if it looked at us that way!

He wins at the puppy eyes game!

27. Doggo wanna pee where it wants! Don’t judge!

Don’t give that doggo a hard time!

28. This guy has made his heaven on earth!

such a mood!

Didn’t we tell you this will be a happy ride! And were we wrong? No, right? Guessed it!

Leave it to these doggos to make your day a cheerful one. With everything going wrong in life one can always take refuge in these pictures or these doggos’ existence! Doggos are precious and too pure for this world, these snaps were a proof of that! If you have wholesome snaps of your darling doggos, share them with us in the comments section below! Also let us know if this made your day a better one! We’ll be thrilled to know! If it did, share it with your loved ones as a gift of happiness!

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