Dog Breeds That Shed A Lot Of Furr, Like A Lot

Dog Breeds That Shed A Lot Of Furr, Like A Lot

The fact that dogs have a very positive impact on dog owners can simply never be underestimated. Even though, keeping dogs around can be hard work sometimes, everyone loves having dogs in their homes anyway and there are many good reasons for that. They are really energetic, they have amazing personalities, they are joyful and extremely affectionate! Also dogs can help people during the toughest times of their lives, but sometimes they are the ones that make your life really tough, and no they wont be able to help you with that. By now, you would have guessed what we’re talking about – they can create a lot of mess in your home.

Shedding can really drive people insane. Specially people who are clean freak. Every dog breed in the world sheds some amount of fur throughout the year. But, the amount of shedding varies from breed to breed. This can be a serious issue for people with allergies from dander. However, it is a tiny price to pay for people who love dogs and want to keep them around. The aftermath, though, is not all fun and games. The cleaning process can be really tiring and hectic. Vacuuming, picking up dead hair, getting rid of the odors, etc can be extremely challenging.

In this article we have listed down the top 15 dog breeds that tend to shed more than others. You should consider reading it if you plan on introducing a new member to your home. Also keep in mind how much hair you will be cleaning daily! Scroll down and see.

1. Siberian Husky.

Their coats are some of the thickest coats in the canine world. Their bodies and tails are covered with long hair. Cleaning pet hair with a husky in the house will be a continuous battle for you!

2. Great Pyrenees

Because they live in cold temperatures, in order to be safe from extreme cold, they had to develop a thick coat for protection. Complete shedding occurs twice a year. Those long and thick coats will leave dead hair all over your home!

3. Chihuahua.

These dogs shed more during spring and fall. Spring being the heaviest shedding time. Bathing, brushing and choosing the right kind of brush for your chihuahua can control its shedding.

4. German Shepherd.

Along with their loyalty and companionship, they also tend to continuously shed their coats throughout the year. Use a pet brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean out all the dead fur.

5. Bernese Mountain Dog.

These dogs are huge, but its size is not an indicator of its shedding capabilities. It’s good to keep their fur detangled and keep brushing frequently during the weeks of shedding.

6. Alaskan Malamute.

This dog is another example of dog breed with double coating, which can make a lot of mess! Brushing the fur during shedding will be helpful for you. Shedding can last up to a month!

7. Chow Chow.

These dogs have a thick double coat for keeping them warm during winters. This double coat will shed, but you can keep it all fluffy by regularly grooming your chow chow.

8. Newfoundland

Newfies have thick undercoats, which means that you will be noticing a huge amount of shedding specially during spring and fall seasons.

9. Samoyed.

This picture looks a like dog sitting on top of a cloud! This is also a proof that samoyeds shed a lot. Daily brushing becomes a necessity when your Samoyed is shedding, but it can be reduced to once or twice a week when it’s not.

10. Golden Retriever.

Golden retrievers shed mostly during spring and fall. If you want to live with a retriever, you should also get used to idea of having a lot of dog hair around!

11. Akita.

We know how adorable Akita’s are! They have 2 coats of fur, and with 2 coats comes twice the amount of shedding!

12. American Eskimo.

These have a dense double coat fur, which keeps them warm during cold temperatures. They shed entirely twice a year. Brushing it often will save you from cleaning process later.

13. Pomeranian

via  The Happy Puppy Site

Pomeranian are known for their fluffiness. But with fluff comes a lot of shedding of it. It will shed it’s undercoat all throughout the year! So if you want this dog, get ready for cleaning.

14. Keeshond

If you have this dog, be ready because its going to shed A LOT! Keep a vacuum cleaner with you 24/7.

15. Dalmatians

Dalmatians shed only once a year, for 365 days. In other words, they are constantly shedding fur! Their white hair stick tenaciously to furniture and clothing.

Certainly these dogs shedding a lot of fur is not fun, but this doesn’t change the fact that these dogs can bring you eternal happiness and joy! Being around them will be messy and you will need to mop a lot but it’s all going to worth it! What do you think? Dog owners will surely agree with me. Let us know about your thoughts in the comments section below!

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