This Facebook Group Is Devoted To Crappy Wildlife Photos & They’re Hilarious

  • By Malaika
  • May 29, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

What could be more beautiful than expertly taken wildlife pictures?

Well, as it turns out their close cousin the crappy wildlife photographs. There are many competitions which feature photographers with amazing skills in capturing the moment. But what about all the shots they missed? After all not every picture can be a masterpiece.

And these not-really-masterpeices are hilarious. From photobombs to animals being animals the facebook page crappy wildlife photography has it all. You might think that it is a very niche group with few members but that is very far from the truth.

In reality the group have more than 266k members as of now and they are continuing to grow. So we have chosen the best of best from their submissions and here they are.

Source: Facebook

#1 These birds are just happy to be here.

#2 That squirrel is sorely dissapointed in all of us.

#3 He wanted a shark but he got a fishy instead.

#4 This one brought you a gift.

#5 I believe I can fly.

#6 This is actually a firefly and not your screensaver.

What you get when you are running a 90-second night exposure at 2000 Iso and the red a** firefly is attracted to your red light on the camera.

David Rennie

#7 This perfection does not deserve to be on this list.

#8 It might take a moment but you’ll find the cocoon.

#9 Never knew Elks could be so ferocious.

Car camping in Idaho a few years back. Bull elk came up close to the car in the middle of the night and I had my own Jurassic park T-rex experience.

Carly Muench

#10 He just wanted to film the white-tail deer but the cat was having none of it.

#11 And this what crappy wildlife photography is all about.

#12 Yes the elephant his rubbing his private place against the termite mound.

#13 I have no idea what’s happening here either.

#14 I can hear the scream through the picture.

#15 That is actually not an egg on the deers butt.

#16 When your subject is moving too fast.

#17 I think we have discovered a new species.

#18 Sea lion just popped in to say hello.

#19 ‘What are you looking at there?’ – Hyena.

#20 I think he forgot that he has wings.

One of the most rarest moments I’ve come acroos in my entire life. Nailed it.

Fräulein Hauteclocque

#21 The perfect hiding place.

I stayed in Nashville and was told there was a baby groundhog in the garden. I got obsessed with seeing it and to my delight, it appeared on the last morning. I think it thought it was hidden behind the pole.

Felicity Cowie

#22 He is just too tired to get up.

#23 What the hell is the squirrel even doing?

#24 This dove is not amused.

#25 The smirk is proof he knows more than he’s saying.

#26 The rare floating giraffe.

#27 He has caught you red-handed.

#28 The vault-tec representative is here again.

#29 The koala just wants some food.

#30 If it weren’t you guys, I would have gotten away with it too!

#31 No, the eagle is not as big as the boat.

‘Eagles In Speedboats’ would be the name of my hipster synth electro band.

Belle Samantha Raee

#32 Don’t squirrels usually hide their nuts?

#33 The foxxy just wants to eat the camera.

#34 I think you put a little too much spin on this shot.

#35 You don’t wanna mess with this duck.

#36 He was just born very stretchy.

#37 Do they want to get electrocuted?

Last year these guys came up through a vent into my kitchen. The cats and dog watched calmly and disinterestedly as I scooped them up with oven mitts and cursed myself for my single status.

Janette Frank

#38 Don’t think the owl is doing it’s job.

#39 Who knew snakes could climb brick walls?

#40 The bee looks very surprisedor is a horrified expression?

#41 ‘Open the damn window!’

#42 Watch out for the laser eyes of this level 100 trash panda.

#43 This is not bad 90’s sfx.

My new camera had a night mode and I was trying to get an owl on the 4th of July. I think we got nuked instead.

Chris Hildebrant

#44 The tasmanian devils definitely deserve their name.

#45 This leopard did not know where the camera was.

#46 The perfect shot of a Kudu if I’ve ever seen one.

#47 He won’t be going hungry antime soon though.

#48 Or perhaps the bear ate the cat?

Put a trail cam at floor level by the front door to see the feral cat we thought we were feeding. I will never go out that door after dark again.

Robin Bridgewater

#49 Even the polar bear is confused as to what it is.

#50 Where is this illusive frog now I wonder?

What did you think of these photographs? Do you think all of these deserved to be on this list? Comment down below and let us know.

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