These Hilarious Comics Depict Life Of Cat Owners Accurately (40 Pics)

Life with cats is anything but dull. There is not a moment that goes by when you would feel bored when you have your cat around. Their little shenanigans are enough to keep you entertained.

Sure, sometimes cats are moody and would rather not listen to anything you’re saying – be it you calling them for food, unless they really want to, they won’t bother at all. But even when they are being distant, lazy, or just plain out ignoring you, they’d be doing something so cute and adorable that you won’t be able to control yourself. That could either be them sleeping in weird positions or doing things to keep themselves entertained. Whatever it is, they are hilarious and we love it.

Sadly, some of us cat lovers don’t really have a cat. However, you don’t have to feel too sad about that because illustrator, Lingvistov, has got us covered. This wonderful artist creates comics that perfectly depict what it’s like having a cat. He has successfully managed to capture all the weird and excited adventures of having a cat. These are so true and relatable, well for the cat owners of course, that you won’t be able to resist saying “YEP DAS SO TRUE!” Take a look!

1. Hey hooman! Meet my butt.

2. Whenever I see a cat ANYWHERE, basically.

3. All you gotta do is look at me!

4. Multiple that by 10,000

5. Alright, gotta admit. That’s very scary sometimes.

6. Hidden treasure.

7. And then you can’t move at all!

8. And then they have to make so much noise that they’d never let you sleep at night.

9. What’s in here?

10. Did you just trick me, human?

11. How you like me now?

12. Ahh yes! The best mornings.

13. It’s time to feed me, slave.

14. NOPE.

15. And you can’t even do anything about that.

16. You can never be sad with them around.

17. I don’t care about your sleep, human woman. Get up and feed me.

18. Andddd fetch!

19. That’s not what I wanted!

20. Just trying to help you.

21. And then you find them under the sofa or behind a table.

22. Those eyes in the dark though. Scaryyy

23. Hey, that’s the new normal.

24. This is one heck of a lucky woman.

25. But never the actual toys.

26. You may sleep on the floor.


28. Just a little bit of a spill. Clean it up ASAP, human.

29. First you bite. Then you lick.

30. Time to relax and destroy everything.

31. Hidden.

32. Life lessons.

33. I think even that is smaller.

34. That’s what you get for not giving me enough attention.

35. Priorities.

36. Well, it is fun. But also 1000 times more scarier.

37. That’s it! This is the last straw. I’m outta here.

38. Just going to rip this into two pieces.

39. The new kind of table.

40. Well, we love them both.

Weren’t these just too hilarious and relatable? We thought so, too! Let us know which one of these was the most relatable and true. And if you have any cats, don’t forget to share what it’s like to have cats or maybe even funny cat stories!

Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments section below.

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