Twitter Account Features Cats In Places They Shouldn't Be & It's Hilarious

Twitter Account Features Cats In Places They Shouldn’t Be & It’s Hilarious

  • By Saif
  • November 25, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Are you ready to see some of the most hilarious pictures of cats?

We don’t think that the whole world is oblivious to the fact that cats are one of the most mischievous and mysterious little creatures. If you have to describe a cat in the simplest of words, what would it be? “rulebreakers” or “little rebellions” would be the most appropriate words to describe these furry companions. One thing which a cat owner can never ever experience is a cat following the rules or listening to him. And it would be fair to say that this is exactly what makes them standout amongst all the other species. They don’t care about our rules or anything, they would do whatever the hell they want and not even have any regrets about it. But despite all that, we just cannot imagine our lives without our adorable and cute little felines. They truly know how to entertain us all the time.

Even if you don’t have a cat, we bet that you have still been a part of that entertainment at some point in your life. I mean, haven’t you witnessed cats being in the places where they aren’t supposed to be? It could be a friend’s place, a police station or even a fashion show! Yep, that’s correct, a cat actually decided to show up on randomly on the ramp during a fashion show. Don’t believe us? We thought so. A Twitter account which goes by the name of Cats Where They Shouldn’t Be, @catsnoplace, decided to start a new trend by sharing pictures of our little felines being in the places where they shouldn’t be or where they were least expected.

So, without any further delays, let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the most ridiculously hilarious pictures and videos of those kitties being spotted at the most random places!

Source – @catsnoplace

1. Did you ever thought you would spot a cat sitting so casually on the suspect while he’s lying on the floor with the handcuffs on?

We bet you weren’t even expecting that!

2. Of course, “if I fits, I sits”.

That’s such a … cosy spot? We can never understand them.

3. Wait, what!? How did that kitty even get up there?

I’d definitely shat my pants. That’s some creepy shit, bro!

4. How did he even manage to fit into it?

Cat be like, “Oh, my new room has a nice window too”. lol

5. NOOOOPE! That’s definitely not where you should be!

Cat be like, “This is my spot now, birdies. Idc for how long you have been living here, it’s my kingdom.”

6. What did we tell you about being those “little rebellions”?

The picture is self-explanatory, don’t you think?

Oh boy, we are having an amazing time, are you? Just look at the places they decided to show up to! But you haven’t even reached the best part yet which we have been saving for you! We suggest that you keep on scrollin’ and you certainly won’t regret it!

7. “Hey officer, I’m here to report a crime…”

Cat be like, “a country which doesn’t treat their citizens equally can never prosper”

8. Cat be like, “Oh, I was just trying to do a few pushups.”

Haha, the other kitty be like, “pull me up, pull me up”!

9. Yep, that’s the perfect spot.

“I don’t understand why people are staring at me like I’m sitting in the middle of something? Stupid hoomans”

10. And finally comes one of the most hilarious videos of a cat walking on the ramp.

Oh god, I can’t even stop laughing. Imagine the people who were actually there to witness it!

11. Are you kidding me? In the middle of a football field!?

Cat has no regrets and is like, damn, so much attention!

12. HAHA this is truly a gem!

Cat be like, “why don’t you let me take over now”

Ah, that was truly one hell of a hilarious ride! I mean just look at their guts, they don’t care about the world, of course, they never did but still… How could you just randomly show up into these places? How do they even manage to make their way? Have you ever witnessed something similar? If so, let us know into the comments section below and let everyone have a good laugh!

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