20 Cats And Dogs Who Have Hilarious Expressions When Something Unexpected Happens

We love all animals but we can’t help but adore these fur babies. And it’s giving some of us, without pets, major FOMO for not having these furry creatures as our companions. How can we not? They give us cuddles, they keep us entertained, they are adorable, they are loyal and the best of all, they are the best comedians.

And whoever said animals can’t show emotions, well we’ve got news for you buddy! Just like humans, animals are more than capable of feeling happy, sad, angry, annoyed, scared and what not. Where humans sometimes may fail to recognize such emotions, they make sure we understand what they’re trying to tell us through their weird but cute expressions.

Here are some pictures we have picked out, captured just at the right time. Take a look!

“We brought home a puppy and someone isn’t amused.”

OMG! Just look at those big round sad eyes. Yes, we feel you little one. This is what betrayal feels like. Why you do this to us, hooman?

Stop fighting with the water, noob. It’s for drinking

The moment he realized their friendship might end soon

What do you mean I can’t travel with you?

“But I fits so purrfectly in this bag”

Maybe if we stack up, they won’t see us

Why is there never a place to hide when we go to the vets?

“I’m not gonna ask you again. What is in your mouth?

Can someone please get the little munchkin out of there! Our hearts can’t handle the cuteness

Someone is way too excited for food.

Hey hey pupper, did you know you could use the door?

“Nimbus met our dog for the first time.”

Aww.. little nimbus. You have to know little one, the doggo will always protect you.

“I ordered a lion costume for my dog from eBay. Well… it’s not what I expected.”

You must call me the king of the jungle now


How do you like my new outfit?

Got it on sale from pawprints. Comes with accessories ya know.

“This is Thor. He thought he was going to the park. Even brought his teddy bear. But we just passed the park exit, and now he’s refusing to look at us.”

At least give him his teddy back before we all start crying. Who can ever resist that adorable face?

We all know cats are weird creatures. But it’s very rare that we get to hear the same thing about dogs. That’s not true. Nope! Both these animals never fail to surprise us with their awkward and mischievous shenanigans and we have proof of that! Keep scrolling for more funny pictures.

“Somehow all of the neighborhood cats managed to get into our trampoline… We set them free.”

When you want to escape but you can’t. Thank you, kind sir, for setting them free

“My parents’ new pupper misjudged his jump.”

Oops, did anyone see that? Nope? Okay, we’re good!

“This is Duffy. If you look closely, you can see exactly where the mud attacked him. Fortunately for the mud, there were no witnesses.”

Yes, we believe you, Duffy! The mud must be pawnished.

“My cat just had his first birthday party! He hated it.”

Let me go before I unleash the beast within meowself

“It’s extremely hot. Here’s our princess sitting in a huge container with water.”

That’s how you kill the heat. Ahh, that smug smile!

The new way of floating

We don’t wanna sits in the water, we likes the floatie

Ouch, that must have hurt.

The playdate got a little out of control, didn’t it? Oops..

You thought you are the only one who can be dramatic?

Sadness hit way too hard

I had just finished saying, “I can’t believe she never falls in!”

Well, you just had to jinx it, didn’t you?

“Sherlock isn’t allowed to eat sweets, so when I have tea, I put him on the balcony. Here’s what I usually see…”

“mommy? can I pweas get some too?”

Tummy is empty. Must. Fill. It. Now. I pwomise I’m the goodest boy

We love these weirdos having the time of their lives! But the show must come to an end. Did you find these cuties funny? Let us know in the comment section below!

You can also send us pictures of your pets. We will make sure to add them in the list to entertain everybody. How can we ever resist? We can’t wait to see them! Don’t forget to share this article with your family, friends and close ones. We’re sure it will make their day better and put a smile on their faces.

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