18 Pictures Of Cats And Dogs Being Best Buddies

  • By Admin
  • May 29, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Cats and dogs get a lot of bad rep for being enemies in media. Whether it’s the iconic Tom & Jerry cartoons that a lot of people grew up on, or soemthing else entirely, but reality can be a lot sweeter. See, cats and dogs don’t inherently hate each other. They’re just animals, and if you raise them the right way, they can learn to love tremendously and openly. It’s almost shocking, I feel like they’re capable of stronger affection between each other than they are with us.

And that’s saying something.

Take a look at these pictures, for example. Man’s best friend with the mysterious and elusive kitty cat. They’ve put aside their differences and become the best of friends, which has cat and dog lovers everywhere swooning their hearts out.

#1 They’re touching noses.

#2 The cat looks so scared of all the love he’s getting.

#3 Teamwork makes the dream work.

#4 That dog is living his best life.

This makes me wanna get a dog for my cat. I don’t know how they’ll behave with each other, but if it’s anything like this, then it’s worth it. I wonder if the cat thinks the dog is his pet or vice versa? That might make a lot of sense, considering they treat them with the same level of affection they treat us.

#5 They can share humans, so they can share beds.

#6 The kitty is upset the dog won’t share her bed.

#7 They’re both equally disturbed at your behaviour.

#8 It’s a gigantic pile of fluff!

What’s better than one cat? What’s better than one dog? I’ll tell you, a massive pile of fluffy furry babies all cuddling with each other and peacefully napping. Legend says that when scientists discovered a portal to heaven, all they found was a pile of cats and dogs snoozing on each other. Perfection.

#9 Everything the light touches, belongs to us.

#10 You gotta help a buddy out.

#11 You can see the love in the puppy’s eyes.

#12 They’re just taking a nap together.

#13 Get the cookies and split the pot.

#14 They’re like an old married couple.

#15 Is the dog rolled up in the cat or is the cat rolled up in the dog?

#16 The fluffy kitty is so done with his affection.

#17 Separated, but never defeated.

#18 They’re hatching a plan to go outside.

What about you? Do you have a pet cat and dog? What are they like?

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