Fresh Batch Of Hilarious Cat Memes To Make Caturday Better

  • By Saif
  • January 10, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

Cat lovers, we are back with our weekly episode of Caturday!

Many people love to have pets in their houses and our furry little felines are certainly one of the most popular and best pets to have (no offence to dog lovers, we love them too!). However, these small little babies will keep you entertained with their goofy and mischievous acts. Cats are certainly one of the best mood boosters too that you can have at your house. With those furry little animals being around, you won’t have to worry about having a bad day completely. Like, as soon as you get home, at least your cat will be there to cheer you up. You won’t have to rely on any human interaction for that because your little kitty would be enough to make you feel like home.

As we are aware that it’s Caturday today – for those of you who are not aware what that is about, on this specific day we share some of the best cat memes that we have gathered for you to make your weekend better. So, we suggest that you grab some popcorns and start scrollin’ for some good time!

Source – Via /catmemes

1. That’s one of the most satisfying expressions I have ever seen.

When everything in life is going smooth.

2. “What? How do I do that Mom? I’m scared to even order my food, how do you expect me to make an appointment?”

3. It looks more of a grin though. I’d make that face when I’d have some evil though in my head.

4. “Oh, I didn’t know you are gonna be home early. This isn’t fair, hooman.”

5. Here’s my cat, he’s in the army.

Looks like one of those kids who have psychological issues.

6. Watch and learn, hooman.

7. Yeah, not like I’m gonna save anything for you.

8. Cat be like, “I can never be wrong. Everyone’s below me. I’m the boss. I’m God.”

9. Oh, I thought that cat belongs to superman?

10. Aww, such a cutie!

Cat be like, “I’m still going to avoid you but I just need some food.”

11. Everytime!

12. Oh shit, I’m in trouble!

We bet you are having fun while watching all these hilarious cat memes, aren’t you? We are only halfway through, don’t worry. Keep on scrolling until the end and we assure that it keeps on getting better and better.

13. Cats in cardboard. Cardboard in cardboard and a cat in the cardboard. Confused much?

14. Oh look, I’ve got a message on my printer!

15. “Work? What work? Work is for peasants. I chill.”

Gotta keep on glowing, you know.

16. “Why are you taking pictures of our family, mister?”

17. But I am comfortable like this.

18. Ah, there’s always room for snacks.

19. Haha that is so accurate!

20. Food? What food? No one feeds me.

“So what if there’s food in the bowl? How do you expect me to survive with that much?”

21. *Mission impossible*

22. “Really? Isn’t that what you said last time too, Fred?”

23. Awww… what a cute little baby!

24. As if we care?

25. “This is my bed. Don’t even think about sleeping on my bed, dog.”

Awww…poor doggo!

Oh well, our weekly episode of Caturday ends here and we hope that like always, you enjoyed this one too. We would like to know which one did you like the most out of all these? Let us know into the comments section below!


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