50 Big Dogs That Don’t Realize How Big They Are

We’re finally reaching the end of the year and it has been nothing but hard. However, the good thing is we’ve made it. We’ve have survived and we couldn’t be more happier about it. And what better way is there other than looking at our favorite thing in the world.

Have you guessed it yet? Doggos! If you’re a dog lover, you must be over the moon. And to be honest, you have every reason to be as well. Because what we are about to show you is actually going to melt your heart and make you forget about everything bad that happened this year. And hopefully, it will be enough to keep you going till the end.

To be precise here, we’re talking about doggos who are extremely large in size. If you thought normal sized doggos are adorable AF, these larger ones are extra adorable. Double the size, double the cuteness! And we can definitely vouch for that. These large ones aren’t just huge but also really fluffy and cuddleable. We lowkey wish we had all these doggos right next however, since that isn’t possible, we have to make do with these amazing pictures people have shared. Suffice to say we are in love. And you will be, too. Just scroll down and you’ll see what we mean.

1. Starting off with the cutest of all;

Via Rachel_Bolin

Two fluffy babies!

2. Bleps all the way.

Via selbythesamoyed

This person is the luckiest of all!

3. It once was a little baby,

Via doods.gus.and.ollie

It now is a huge teddy bear.

4. I’d both be scared and happy to have run into this doggo at the vet.

Via Chimtori

Such a well behaved big boo!

5. This doggo is bigger than the hooman…


This doggo just wants to give the man a big doggo hug.

6. Happiest when together!

Via Fishmike52

And growing old together.

7. I confused this doggo with a bear…

Via ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss

And it’s not even hard to do!

8. Nope, that’s definitely a stuffed toy.

Via zammypup

This doggo ain’t even real.


Via bmoc9891

1 and proud.

10. This is the fluffiest doggo of all time.

Via reddit.com

100/10 would pet and cuddle.

11. Why don’t we get such neighbors?!

Via Atxflyguy83

Definitely not jealous of not living next to this doggo.

12. Is that an extra large dog or an extra smol baby?!

Grumpy babies, both of them.

13. This doggo just grew up right in front of this hoomans eyes and he is shocked…

Via ScottPuppy

It’s pretty evident.

14. Sometimes you have to take extreme measures to meet your best friends.

Via Beetlejuicex3babe

Clearly, it’s easier for some and harder for others.


Via gellertgrindelwald

Why is he sitting all by himself/herself. Our hearts!

16. Oh, don’t mind me, just chillin’ in my car.

Via AAlexanderK

With the windows down!

17. This has got to be photoshopped right?!

Via pernilleberglund

There is no way this is real!

18. Lunch with the biggest doggo ever?!

Via Muntsville

Would do this all day everyday.

19. Hold me, I’m big baby.

Via photodw

Little one is like, why not me?!

20. Two ponies?

Via northwestmommy

Nope, one pony and a big bear.

21. That yawn is bigger than that hoomans face…

Via Skierdude821

Imagine the kind of bites this doggo would take.

22. What you need after a very long day;

Via 5th_Invictus

Cuddles with your doggo.


Via drak0bsidian

Our hearts just…. exploded with love.

24. There are two of them?!

Via Mrscone46


25. Enjoying the view with the best bud by your side?

Via tautly

The best kinda life.

These huge doggos are giving us FOMO! Where can we find such cuties?! I mean, we kinda know it happens unexpectedly for some breeds, but there are those breeds that just grow up to be super huge. And while we go find ourselves a huge doggo, you must continue scrolling because we’ve got the some of the most cutest doggo pictures ahead!

26. Imagine driving up to a coffee place and running into this doggo.

Via SaveCachalot346

Dream come true.

27. Hard days turn into easier ones when you have a doggo by your side.

Via cassious64

They are there, no matter what.

28. Is that the cutest way of living or what?!

Via YeAreaSaysYay

Do large dogs just forget how to sit?

29. What human? There is no human here?!

Via wellhellooosailor

This is just a chair!

30. Sheep dog.

Via prudencethe3rd

Big dog, sheep dog. Best dog.

31. Yes, we would be as happy as this woman is in the presence of this doggo.

Via BufordTeeJustice

Can we just… give it the biggest hug possible?!

32. Little hooman, big dog.

Via theimaginaryzebra

Best duo. Best friends.

33. Nothing but smiles with the doggo,

Via jacksonpanda

Nothing but happiness with each other.

34. We love how they are so comfortable.

Via ImmunosuppressivePip

Just a large doggo, chilling in a tiny lap. No biggie.

35. You can grow in size,

Via Hghgrad

But you would always be a baby from your heart.

36. For this big baby, I’d leave my car and walk 1000 miles.

Via m0lliefuckitch

Just for this big baby.

37. Is this another way of protecting your human?

Via Monty_Goofy_Newfy

Just throwing yourself on top of her?!

38. How is this doggo even comfortable?!

Via icecreamboats

How did it even get up on the plane?! Also where do I get a ticket?

39. We present to you; the cutest looking large doggo ever!

Via ScotchtapeCabbage

Just look at that face! I want to give this doggo a hug and never let it go.

40. The best kind of photoshoot?

Via borzoi_gandalfthegrey

It’s the one you do with your large doggo.

41. For a second there,

Via chatochula

I thought a big bear broke into this dude’s house.

42. Stand tall!

Via RosenpugTrashDog

Don’t give in. You’re not cute! You’re a huge strong doggo!

43. The biggest and baddest boy,

Via lovableloli

Wearing the cutest socks. Nuhuh! Also by bad we meant good.

44. If we had a doggo like this,

Via uncle-skeeter

We would be doing the same thing!

45. He’s a big boy,

Via toro_canecorso

But he doesn’t know it!

46. Dream?!

Via ttin89

How do we get there with this doggo?!

47. Big cuddle buddies.

Via digdilem

Like father, like doggo.

48. This is not a small car and that is not a small doggo.

Via imgur.com

And that is not a small tongue. But it’s the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

49. Another one of those lovely growing old together moments.

Via JChilly12

So much love to these two!

50. Always going to be a little baby.

Via bunsenbernerbmd

No matter how big. Always a little one.

It would be fair to say that we fell more in love with doggo. As if that was even possible?! And rather than running after puppies, we might just start chasing huge doggos because of their cuteness. Although, it’s pretty hard to imagine that happening. Well, there us, stuck in a pickle! While we figure out what we want to do, share your thoughts in the comments section below! And don’t forget to share this with your friends and family!

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