50 Big Dogs Who Think They’re Small Puppies

There are small pups, and there are big dogs. But then there are very big dogs that clearly cannot go unnoticed in a room. Don’t take us wrong, we love big dogs! How can you not love there goofy and baby-like existence? They might be big buy they still are always such kids at heart.

One thing, however, what we did not know was how these dogs fail to realize how big they are. We have collected so many pictures of dogs who think they are still small puppies to fit into laps and chairs. These pictures have left us laughing.

Scroll down to see what we are talking about!

1. Apparently, he thinks he is small enough to fit in the lap

2. When they regret growing up

I don’t think these big babies realize how big they are. ‘’I didn’t notice the head’’ says CatshatBrix

3. Snuggles!

‘’One paw in the crotch, and you are done’’ – Steffan Beth.
I hope no legs were broken in this stunt.

4. A fight for breath

5. and POSE

6. Mini horse

7. As if one wasn’t enough!

8. Could he BE any bigger?

9. Some things never change

10. This greyhound mistakes himself as a lapdog!

11. He promised he will grade few essays if they him sit on the lap

12. This huge baby does not need permission to sit on her lap

13. Give him a blanket and hugs! He seems cold

14. you can always count on this one for best hugs!

15. Damn, that tail!

16. who needs a partner when you have your dog as bed buddy!?

17. We would need a bigger sofa!

18. Aww, just look at those eyes!

19. Can anyone spot the human?

20. When at home, we have each other’s back!

21. Can you believe this dog is only 8 months?

22. Personal space who?

23. Don’t mind having this fur ball as a lap dog!

24. The giant friend

25. Our very own armrest

26. Oh yeah, sit on my face, I’ll breathe later!

27. Sleeping beauty

All these big babies who have seem to forgotten how big they are just making our day! Keep scrolling, we have even cuter pictures

28. So what I have gotten bigger? Let me sit in your lap

29. Who gives the warmest hugs? THIS DOG

30. Cozying up

31. *Squish Squish*

32. What a beautiful patterned dog!

33. He took the small dog’s place!

34. “and he poses really well too” – Priscilla Herrera

35. When you accept that you are not a small dog anyone

36. “Mom might need a chiropractor soon” – Zainab Siddique. And we agree!

37. Sorry couldn’t complete my homework miss! My dog sat on me

38. Floof baby!

39. Okay, this may not qualify as a big dog!

40. Aww, look at the dog’s baby eyes!

41. Dog said he needs sunbathing as well!

42. It was a ‘Bring you pet to office’ day

43. Look at how happy he is for the picture!

44. Grumpy big boys

45. And Biggest Fur Ball ever award goes too…

46. He even took out his tongue to show how happy he is!

47. *Licks Licks* They reunited after a long time

48. There is a human under there somewhere!

49. Greatest love story ever!

50. and for our final picture, we have brought the biggest dog ever!

Woah, before this, I did not know such big dogs even exist. Now I just cannot wait to get my! These huge dogs seem like the most huggable creatures. Let us know in the comment below which picture made you laugh the most!

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