15 Animals Who Were Caught In The Middle Of Their Antics

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  • June 9, 2020
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Your pet animals can be quite the handful sometimes. They’ve got their own archive of energy and motives, and they just use them willy billy wherever and whenever they can. This means that they’ll suddenly put all of their focus into tearing your sofa apart because that’s just what their animal instincts are telling them to do. These animals in this list are somewhat similar, though not all of their antics can be deemed dangerous. They were caught in the middle of an act, but it’s not always a malicious one.

For example, there are pictures of cats here that were caught in the middle of a sneeze, and that’s just absolutely hilarious. Cats sneezing is a rare occurrence but it has a bit of a wind-up, and an explosive shake afterward. I wish I recorded videos of my cat sneezing, it’s always such an adventure, though I do bully my poor feline friend for it. I swear it comes from a place of affection.

You can enjoy this too!

#1 Mid sneeze

© blurry_nights / Reddit

Cats sneezing will forever be one of the funniest things ever. When they yawn, their mouth opens up and they become the infinite, a maw that will consume anything and everything. I wholeheartedly see my cat as the adorable, wonderful little critter that I know he is, but every so often, he remembers his ancient heritage of being the apex predator, and decides to take control of the situation.

It’s lucky that he gets distracted by thing so easily.

#2 Peekaboo.

© sfin57 / Reddit

Why and how are cats able to communicate with each other like this? And so effectively? Their meows are specific to communicate with us, and even then, we have no idea what cats want. Do you want your water bowl to be full? Then why on Earth did you throw it on the ground? And here they are communicating with each other flawlessly.

#3 Found a chair.

© Toll_House69 / Reddit

You’re either first, or you lose. This dog knows exactly what I’m talking about, because he’s been able to exert his dominance over the other dog using his… Rump.

#4 Lego kits.

© PoniesPlayingPoker / Reddit

#5 Existential Crisis

© ohthewerewolf / Reddit

#6 Close observation

© 2mas2esiguala5 / Reddit

#7 Snowboy.

© kaanapalikid / Reddit

#8 Pacifier

© mcyg / Reddit

#9 Only one survivor.

© onepumpwonder42 / Reddit

#10 They’re so happy you’re home

© DevtoneFreemon / Reddit

#11 Oceans Eleven

© JLydon37 / Reddit

#12 Peep hole

© biketh1ef / Reddit

#13 Sit! Good boy!

© SmackJak / Reddit

#14 There’s a predicament

© Aussie_introvert / Reddit

#15 He likes a view.

© traskrogers / Reddit

What about you? Are any of your dogs like this? We’d love to hear from you!

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