50 Hilarious Photos Of Animals Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

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  • July 15, 2020
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While living with animals comes with its own set of problems and joys, for animals, living with other humans comes with hurdles as well. A lot of times, us intelligent human beings run into problems with our own devices, or with other humans, so to think that cats and dogs are exempt from this is… Not accurate. Besides, animals can have a bad day, and express visible discomfort with or without a human being present. It’s just one of the many things that make us love them.

That being said, it’s a little hard not to get a giggle out of their reactions. They seem so upset and so done with their situation, that your heart just aches for them. But at the same time, it’s so amusing that you can’t look away. There are cats here who had food stolen from them, dogs who got dyed a weird color, and turtles who accidentally fell back on their shells and couldn’t get back up. It’s sad, but also so very cute.

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#1 Sarah (Dog) Stole A Bite Of Stella’s Food And Stella Came Running To Me In The Kitchen To Complain About It

TheAtlantic found something very interesting when it came to animal expressiveness.

Dogs, more so than almost any other domesticated species, are desperate for human eye contact. When raised around people, they begin fighting for our attention when they’re as young as four weeks old. It’s hard for most people to resist a petulant flash of puppy-dog eyes—and according to a new study, that pull on the heartstrings might be exactly why dogs can give us those looks at all.

#2 I Had To Cut Down A Tree In My Yard And Now I Feel Bad

#3 A Memorial For The Squirrel That Ate Through A Wire That Canceled Classes For Two Days. It Was Paid For By The Undergrad Class

A paper published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that dogs’ faces are structured for complex expression in a way that wolves’ aren’t, thanks to a special pair of muscles framing their eyes. These muscles are responsible for that “adopt me” look that dogs can pull by raising their inner eyebrows. It’s the first biological evidence scientists have found that domesticated dogs might have evolved a specialized ability used expressly to communicate better with humans.

#4 My Pitbull Always Thought He Was The Biggest Dog At The Dog Park

#5 I Think A Squirrel Fell Off My Roof

#6 My Dog Ran Away, After Hours Of Looking I Came Home To This

For the study, a team at the University of Portsmouth’s Dog Cognition Centre looked at two muscles that work together to widen and open a dog’s eyes, causing them to appear bigger, droopier, and objectively cuter. The retractor anguli oculi lateralis muscle and the levator anguli oculi medialis muscle (mercifully known as RAOL and LAOM) form two short, straight lines, which connect the ring of muscle around a dog’s eye to either end of the brow above.

#7 Oh, Ralph

#8 I Think My Dog Just Died A Little Bit On The Inside When I Didn’t Give Her The Last Bite Of My Burger

#9 Do You Think This Is Funny?

#10 My Buddy’s Dog Saw A Moose

#11 So This Happened (Yes, I Rescued It)

#12 We Actually Had To Help Him Down. Idiot

#13 Our Dog Opened The Upstairs Screen Door And Followed Our Cat Onto The Roof. He Required Consoling Before Coming Back Inside

These researchers have long been interested in the ways dogs make eye contact with humans and, in particular, how they move their eyebrows. In 2017, Juliane Kaminski, the lead author of the new paper, found that dogs moved their eyebrows more often while a human paid attention to them, and less often when they were ignored or given food (which, sorry to say, is a more exciting stimulus for them than human love). That suggested the movement is to some degree voluntary. On our side of these longing glances, research has also shown that when dogs work these muscles, humans respond more positively. And both man and mutt benefit from a jolt of oxytocin when locked in on each other.

#14 A Friend Left Her Dog At Home And Came Back To This. Oreo Apparently Found A Bag Of Charcoal And Played With It

#15 Just A Cat Falling Off A Table

#16 A Little Hamster With A Broken Bone, The Doctor Had A Hard Time Dressing It

#17 My Friends’ Cat Got Its Head Stuck In A Vase, Freaked Out, Broke The Vase, And Was Left With This

For cats, there’s something similar. BBC covered it!

Moriah Galvan and Jennifer Vonk of Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, US studied 12 cats and their owners. They found that the animals behaved differently when their owner was smiling compared to when they were frowning. Cats can read human facial expressions, and they learn this ability over time When faced with a smiling owner, the cats were significantly more likely to perform “positive” behaviours such as purring, rubbing or sitting on their owner’s lap. They also seemed to want to spend more time close to their owner when they were smiling than when the owner was frowning.

#18 This Fat Fool Had To Be Rescued By Animal Control

#19 This Is Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Kids Alone With The Dog

#20 My Dog’s Facial Expressions When I Didn’t Turn Towards The Dog Park

#21 I Kicked Over My Cat’s Milk And Had No Replacement. He Sat Opposite Me As I Ate My Dinner Looking At Me Like This

#22 Doggo Arrest

#23 Smile And Wave Boys

#24 This Is My Cat After Trying To Run Out The Door – Into A Wall Of Snow

#25 My Friend’s Cat Had Surgery And Now He Has No Pants

The pattern was completely different when the 12 cats were presented with strangers, instead of their owners. In this setup, they showed the same amount of positive behaviour, regardless of whether the person was smiling or frowning. The results suggest two things: cats can read human facial expressions, and they learn this ability over time. We have known for a while that dogs are good at recognising human facial expressions. But this is the first convincing evidence that cats have the same capacity. People are more likely to spoil a cat when they are in a good mood

#26 Bought A Couch From Craigslist, Heard Noises Coming From It After Bringing It Home. Cut It Open And Found A Cat

#27 My Husband And I Can Officially Check “Pull A Balloon String Out Of A Cat’s Butthole At 11:30 At Night” Off Our Bucket List. Finally

#28 I Had To Lock Her In The Dog Crate Because She Was Going To Break Something From Being Over Hyper. I Think She Hit Her Breaking Point

#29 My Friend Took Her Cat To Get Fixed And His Face Shows Exactly His Thoughts About It

#30 My Cat Got Stuck Between The Glass Door And The Screen Door

#31 My Dog Managed To Get Into A Pack Of Frozen Fish Fillets And He Would’ve Gotten Away With It If He Didn’t Get Stuck And Had To Come To Me For Help

#32 Dad Took Our Dog Archie For A Walk. When They Got Back Dad Went To Eat Breakfast

#33 My Friend’s Dog Is Not Happy About Leaving The Dog Park Early

#34 When You Love The Smell Of Bacon, But Get A Little Too Close To The Frying Pan On The Stove

#35 Her Bowl Is In The Dishwasher

#36 I Came In To Find My Tortoise Like This

#37 Our Cat Steals And Hoards Bottle Caps. Found His Stash While Cleaning

That does not mean they feel empathy. It’s more likely that the cats had learned to associate their owners’ smiles with rewards: people are more likely to spoil a cat when they are in a good mood. Still, even if cats do not truly understand our moods, the study still suggests that they can pick up on surprisingly nuanced human gestures. It also suggests something more basic: they are interested in us. “People care about whether cats really do understand and pay attention to their owners,” says Vonk. “Our work shows that they may not be as indifferent as people accuse them of being.” Domestic cats first appeared around 10,000 years ago It may have taken so long to discover cats’ emotional intelligence because their responses are rather subtle. As well as obviously “positive” actions like purring or rubbing, Galvan and Vonk noticed that the cats adopted certain body positions, and ear and tail movements, that are associated with contentedness.

#38 My Goat Broke His Trampoline And He’s Very Upset. Anyone Have A Small One For Cheap?

#39 So My Bird Was Stuck In My Bathroom

#40 My Boyfriend Doesn’t Believe That His Cat Bullies Mine

#41 My Dachshund Puppy Got Stuck In The Couch Cushions

#42 Is This What People Mean When They Say Their Dog Is Broken? Asking For A Friend

#43 Just Another Day In Montana. Cat Chasing A Bear Out Of The Backyard

#44 Just Thought I’d Check In On The Dogs

#45 Let My Dog Out Into The Garden, Two Minutes Later I Hear Her Barking And Go Outside To See This

#46 Mistakes Were Made. The Dog Got Into The Weed Cookies. Money Was Spent. Doggo Is Fine. Owner Feels Dumb

#47 My Friend’s Dog Ate A Bee

#48 “There Might Have Been Some Miscalculations In My Plan” – Dog

#49 Doggy vs. Dangernoodle

#50 Owner Used The Wrong Shampoo (It’s Hair Dye)

What about you? Did any of your animals have a bad day like this?

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