30 Adorable Dogs Trying To Bend Human Rules In Funniest Ways

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  • June 19, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Having an obedient pet is very rare but having a pet who loves to bend the rules that you have set for them isn’t rare at all. A majority of dogs would love to live by their rules and would often try to bend them, especially when you are not around. But if you catch them while breaking your rule, you simply cannot become mad at them at all. Because these clever dogs know how to become all adorable in case they get caught.

Their expressions are too cute for anyone to be mad at and instead of getting angry, we would start laughing at the cute silly things they do. For instance, if they are not allowed on the couch they’d be like “I’m not allowed on the couch? Well, as long as one foot is on the ground, technically I’m not breaking the rules!”

We have gathered up a bunch of pictures of dogs who managed to bend the rules in the cleverest ways possible and that won’t even leave you angry. In fact, you’d love it! So, let’s scroll down and take a look.

1. He was now allowed to jump on the couch and he ends up doing this.

2. You only said no chin on the table. You never said anything about my nosie or my teeth.

Daily Doge

3. I know I am not allowed in this room but can I just grab my carrot?


4. Not allowed to eat his food and he does this.


5. It’s fine if I’m not allowed on the sofa, I’ll just bring the sofa comfort on the floor.


6. Paws are not allowed on the table and he does this to get my attention.


7. You said I’m not allowed “ON” the couch but you never stated anything about “IN” the couch.


8. I know I’m not allowed in the room but hey, I just won’t look at you so you don’t kick me out. Deal?


9. But why am I not allowed inside the kitchen? Can I just place my paw over here?


10. Can I have a tiny bit of that food, pliss?


11. I’m not sleeping on the forbidden couch, it’s the blanket, hooman!


12. You told me not to be on the couch but the couch has made its way on the floor now, courtesy of your kids. What are you going to do now, Mr Hooman?


13. I’m not going to beg but stop being so selfish. Feed me!


Dogs are indeed very clever animals and they know how to manipulate their hoomans in the cutest possible ways. Keep scrolling to see more of them, you’d be amazed!

14. Not allowed on the table? Fine! But little did you know that my tongue can touch the table too.


15. Are we still not allowed in the garage? We came to protest.


16. He isn’t allowed on the furniture. “Stoopid hooman, I hope he gets my sign.”


17. Well, both of my paws are not on your couch so I’m not really breaking any rules, am I?


18. Are you sure I can’t come in the kitchen?


19. Well, technically, I’m still not “inside” the room completely.


20. No corgi, you cannot come inside the bathroom. We know you love to protect our little baby girl but still no.


21. What’s the point of not letting me into the kitchen? Not like I would mess it up?


22. Don’t you see my paws on the floor? I’m an obedient doggo.

23. I’m just going to sit here and stare while you eat in the kitchen. Maybe you would let me in.


24. Oh, I thought the couch starts from the cushion only..


25. No paws on the couch! HAH! I am obeying the rules.


26. What? I’m just tired okay and my feet are not even on the couch.


27. He isn’t allowed on the upper floor, so, he just decided to fall asleep on the last stair.


28. Can I jump in for the selfie too? No, I’m not ruining the seats.


29. I have turned on my night vision so we can sneak in the forbidden room.


And you were saying something about dogs obeying the rules? Well, technically, they have been very obedient but they just managed to find a way around those rules and still break them in their cute tiny ways. Would you get mad at your pup if they were to bend your rules? I mean, come on! Look at those adorable little creatures. We can never be mad at them especially with those faces they make. They definitely know how to make us weak in the knees!

Do you have any pictures of your pets bending the rules of your house? Feel free to share in the comments section below! We’d love to have a good laugh.

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