30 Police Puppies Tried To Act Tough But Failed

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  • September 1, 2020
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Dogs have been with the man since forever. It’s like we don’t even remember a life without them. They are full of love, affection, care and can easily bring joy to your life. You don’t necessarily have to own a dog to love them. Just one look of any dog and they’ll leave your heart full of love. And we mean it, ANY DOG.

Dogs have not only made our lives easier at homes. They’ve also helped in other areas of life. One being in law enforcement. Yes, police dogs are actually a thing if you didn’t know yet. And it’s the cutest thing on the internet. Police dogs have been a thing since the Middle Ages. They have to go through some serious training in order to become the helpful, life-saving, rough (only when needed), all while maintaining their cuteness. Most of the dogs that you’re likely to come across are German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, and Belgian Malinois. At times, Rottweilers, Pinschers, and Bouvier de Flandres are also accepted in force. The best part about having a dog in force is that the handlers get to keep the dog on and off duty. How cool is that! It’s like growing old with your best friend.

But, not all police dogs are always giving their 100%. They have their fair share at being silly on-duty. Scroll below to see some of the cutest, silliest, and fun-loving dogs on duty.

1. Too small for a harness?

via Jonathan Kozowyk

Too big for a bad guy. Bring it on!!!

2. ‘Yep. I am watching!’

via Taiwan’s National Police Agency

When you take your job wayyyy too seriously.

Do you know what else is amazing? Your dog doesn’t necessarily have to join the police to be well-behaved or physically fit and smart. You can achieve that for your dog only if you give it some time. Nick Jones, a dog behaviourist, shared, “As well as focusing on basic dog training commands, in the beginning, it is essential that the owner focuses upon creating a dog that is polite, mannerly and can accept control and direction from the handler.”

3. Needed a weapon that’s handy..

via colexyz

Got this pupper instead. I think this will work too. Swweeeettt!

4. First day at work?

via duglasfresh

Nervously cute.

5. When you sign up for a job but have no clue what you’re doing…

via parth6e

And the older employees question how you got the job in the first place.

Jones added, “On the basis that a new puppy is acquired at 8 weeks of age, training can commence from the very beginning. Not in a formal sense, more along the lines of implementing short sits, waits and an introduction to good manners and polite behaviour towards humans and other animals. Training programs evolve over time and as the dog matures and becomes more settled, the owner can increase the challenges set for the dog.” So if you’re wondering when to start training…The sooner, the better.

Training is a challenge on its own. You don’t wanna push too hard or rush things down your puppy’s throat. It’ll only backfire. Jones explained, “It’s good to have a plan, but all plans are subject to minor setbacks and your dog will have no appreciation for the plan that you have and so we are to an extent at the dog’s mercy in terms of how quickly we can make progress in terms of training and behaviour.”

6. Someone: ‘Just be yourself.’ These dogs, the next day:

via Taiwan’s National Police Agency

‘Ok, so when can you start?’ -The officer.

7. ‘Hey, no kisses at work. That’s the rule!’

via New Zealand Police

The little one can steal kisses when no ones looking.

8. When you come home after a long day of work…

via ohhbaby

And you remove every bit of clothing on your body. AAAHHHH, straight from the door to bed.

“Like people, all dogs are different and adjustments made as we progress are part and parcel of the journey. Try not to let setbacks or a seeming lack of progress deter you, as it’s normal to experience pauses and then surges in your dog’s ability to listen and take directions,” he shared.

Sometimes, what you need to focus on is not the outcome but the process. So it is very important to first have a firm bond with your dog and then see what comes next.

“In summary, focus on good manners and polite behaviour as your very first port of call, and then gradually layer in increasingly difficult training challenges in keeping with your dog’s progress as it develops.”

9. ‘Just wanted to take pictures for the K-9 unit yearbook’

via Borough Of New Betlehem

Asked them to be as natural as possible. Think they did quite well.

10. When you don’t fit your uniform but your spirit is still high…

via Brimfield Police Department

I shall not give up. Never!

11. ‘But someone said this was the modelling agency…’

via New Zealand Police

Someone lied, Missy. But that’s okay you can still keep that model attitude.

12. Day 2 at work and you haven’t found any bad guy…


‘That is what I came here for’ -This dog.

13. Monday Blues hitting this baby right here…

via Taiwan’s National Police Agency

Wondering if he could do it tomorrow…or after tomorrow. He just wants to sleep. Poor baby!

14. When you’re happy that your hooman is finally taking you to a park but he’s not.

via shywildrose

Don’t wanna know what happened seconds later…

15. ‘Hey, I’m the new sheriff here.’


Serious question. Is it acceptable to hangout with the sheriff all the time? Even invite him to dinner? Asking for a friend.

This is amazing. We’re straight up laughing that even our sides hurt. These dogs are the cutest thing to ever happen to the K9 Unit. We’re telling ya, if the dogs in the police look this cute, ain’t nobody taking them seriously. But that’s good, right? Like playing with the sheriff’s dog, how cool is that! And no, this is not it, we’ve got a lot more for you to see. Keep scrolling…

16. Will the smallest member of the K9 Unit, please stand up?


‘Yessss, das me!’ Totally adorbs. 

17. Someone’s very happy to meet the bad guys…

via redlimeeye

Or should we say ‘too enthusiastic’. Gonna catch ’em all tonight. 

18. Get yourself someone who looks at you the way this guy looks at his doggo.

via New Zealand Police

Naahhhh fam, you can’t. *crying*

19. ‘Gotcha! You’re coming with me.’

via janedunnphotography

This dog’s a little too excited about his job…

20. “He went straight for the front seat of the pawlice car.”

via New Zealand Police

The smartest gets the front seat, of course!

21. When you’ve got a rigorous training ahead but you’re just a puppy..

via Wellington Forensic Photography Team member Jane

…with a puppy heart. Too much for the little soul.

22. That’s a handful.

Imagine them playing during the training. What a view!

23. When the police stop you to question something you didn’t know you did…

via xTYBGx

..And you give him the straight face. Classic!

24. When you finally see a bad guy!

‘I’m gonna catch you and teach you a lesson, politely.’

25. How your mom takes pictures of you before going to your first job ever..

via Rawtashk

And you’re still sleeping in your head.

26. Wanted to get his official pictures taken. And this was the only way…

via forestandhoneycockers

‘Smile, so it shows you’re happy here. Oh well!’

27. Big hat for a small pupper?

via Jane Dunn Photography

‘I may be small, but I’ve got all it takes to be a sheriff’ *bork bork*

28. Presenting, the fluffiest member of the K9 Unit.

via adventures_with_quill

Soft on the outside, tough on the inside.

29. ‘But you promised a bone.’

A badge is worth a lot more than a bone. We’ll take care of that. But don’t tell the sheriff!

30. When you thought you’d have fun but things just got serious…

Those chubby paws look lovely on this dog!

Alright now! We LOVE this. How is it even possible for these tough guys to be so cute? Is that even legal? We don’t know…But what we know is that they’re hella adorable and anybody who sees them will definitely fall in love with them. They inspecc, they detecc, and most importantly, they protecccc. And that’s all we need from our little furry friends. What do you think about these random moments of the police pups? Is there any favourite? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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