Artist Perfectly Captures What It is Like To Live With 4 Cats In Hilarious Comics

Artist Perfectly Captures What It is Like To Live With 4 Cats In Hilarious Comics

  • By Malaika
  • April 22, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

Taking care of a cat is not easy.

It can be exceptionally hard when you have just one cat but it can take up your whole day when you have four. I know people like to think pets are much easier to take care of than actual babies but that can’t be further from the truth. Just like with babies, you can’t have nice things because you’re well aware they will get ruined. So when you have 4 cats, you are bound to have a few weird stories to share with everyone.

This is where this artist comes in. She goes by the name Laksheri on Instagram and posts about her life with several cats in adorable comic strips. Not only are these comics well drawn but they are also poignantly relatable even if you don’t have a cat. It is no surprise that her life revolves around her cats. After all, how else is she supposed to serve her masters?

You can check out the comic strips for yourself by scrolling below.

Source: Instagram

#1 They will never listen to you no matter how much you want them to.

#2 When you’re starving but are still picky about what you want to eat.

#3 They know you will feel guilty about getting rightfully angry and use it against you.

#4 Cats are actually quite independent and don’t really care as long as they have food.

#5 They just don’t like being touched which is understandable.

#6 You will never get a good selfie with your cat except when it is sleeping.

#7 All of your black shirts will be ruined unless she is black and in that case, say goodbye to white shirts.

#8 We can never do anything that goes against their wishes.

#9 Cats actually do play favorites and yes it hurts just as much as you would think.

#10 You might think they are concerned for you but they want their butlers to be in tip-top shape.

#11 Technically she is not wrong so she isn’t breaking any rules.

#12 There is a reason why cats play with kitty litter so much and are always digging.

#13 Cats always come first, humans second. That is the hierarchy.

#14 The adorableness of cats can make you forget everything.

#15 We always wonder what they get up to in the middle of the night.

#16 We do not deserve nice things.

#17 On one hand, getting up early is actually a good thing.

#18 They can never make up their mind on what they want to do.

#19 Wait, do cats expect us to clean ourselves with our tongues?

#20 Perhaps it is a good thing that we cannot read a cat’s mind.

How many cats do you have? And if you have more than one, is it difficult to take care of them? Let us know in the comments?

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