10+ Broken Cats That Need To Be Reset To Default Settings

  • By Malaika
  • May 12, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Things can malfunction at the worst of times.

And that goes for cats as well. I am sure you have seen cats doing weird things that make no sense in hindsight but we simply think it is normal. After all, who knows what they are thinking? From acting like plants to sleeping in uncomfortable places. The life of a ‘normal’ cat is anything but usual.

Some people believe that cats are deities, others believe that they can sense the other world. However, when you look at all the stupid antics they get to. You’ll understand they are just like human beings. So if a smile is what you’re after.

You’ll certainly achieve that and more as you scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Is she going to a party I wasn’t invited to?

#2 Ready for food?

#3 Can she slide like a curtain as well?

#4 When you’re excited for a trip.

#5 This is what drunk people are like.

#6 She was caught in the act.

#7 I’d rather not even ask.

#8 When you’re at your best behavior.

#9 This kitty just wants to help.

#10 Seems like a very comfortable place to take a nap on.

I have no idea why cats love to sleep in the weirdest places. I mean this cat is more so just hanging in air rather than lying on a ‘stable’ surface. I guess it’s one of those things humans would never be able to understand.

#11 I guess she likes smelling her feet.

#12 When you are trying to learn to smile ‘normally’.

#13 She put herself in a time out.

#14 Is that the cat form of L from Death Note?

#15 Pole dancing is not as easy as it seems.

#16 Either the gravity is not working correctly or the cat has been possessed.

#17 Cattails are just like toys.

#18 Just like an old Grandpa.

#19 Your surprise face when you’re caught red-handed.

#20 I’d put the camera away right now.

This is not red or ‘green eye’ from the flash. This is the inner demon that resides in every cat coming forth. If I were this person I would have never taken a picture directly from the front.

#21 The face is the most comfortable place to sleep on.

#22 Just stretching her long legs.

#23 ‘I can see everything!’

#24 This one is a full-on mood.

#25 She just likes being squished.

#26 Her surprise on reaching the forbidden haven.

#27 In the mood for some french fires perhaps?

#28 When you don’t want your rice to be overcooked.

#29 I persume she is tap dancing?

#30 When you find your perfect jean size.

Finding a pair of jeans that fit your waist and legs can be extremely hard. So when you do find your perfect fit you just never want to take it off. And I think this kitty will agree with me.

#31 Direct from the tap is always the freshest.

#32 Doesn’t his face say it all?

#33 Tired from a hard days work.

#34 Atleast a sponge is useful in many life situations.

#35 Is he in the cupboard or underneath it?

#36 Wehn you try to hide your food baby to no avail.

#37 Some help this poor kitty.

#38 She is trying her best to reach the door.

#39 You can put another cat on her and she wouldn’t mind.

#40 This is how ‘proper ladies’ sit.

Did you have a good laugh at the expense of these kitties? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share so the rest of the world can finally have something to smile at for a change.

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